Welcome to the Blurb Indie Café

We’ve collected some indie publishing resources to help you join the book-making community, promote your work, and discover creative inspiration. Meet artists, craftspeople, photographers, and visionaries who self-publish beautiful books—and get started on the path to making your own.



Self publishing - Indie food books

Indie food books

Food bloggers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and culinary enthusiasts—there’s an amazing book inside each and every one of you. We can help serve it up.

Self publishing - Indie culture books

Indie culture books

Meet book-makers who really push the creative edge and learn how you can turn any idea you might have for a book into reality.

Self publishing - Indie author events

Indie author events

Making your own book can be fun—but meeting other book-makers is even better.

Indie self-publishing



Self publishing - Indie children's books

Indie children’s books

Don’t tell anyone, but children’s books are some of our favorite books. Come explore some seriously creative books that are not for kids only.

Self publishing - Blurb Authors in the news

Blurb authors in the news

Thousands and thousands of people have made books with Blurb—and some have made headlines in the process.