The Blurb Idea Generator

A panoply of one-of-a-kind prompts for the unique book-maker. You.


Books about persimmons in your ’fridge. Yarns about the yellow-tailed warbler in your backyard. Ideas that’ll burn a hole in your heart. If you need an idea that stretches you and your imagination, we’ve put together a wide array. We’re certain there’s one that’s right for you. (And if you don’t find one—or have one you think we should know about—tell us.)


Memento ’fridgerati

You may not look in your ’fridge and immediately think “that’s art.” But what better way to capture who you are then to document what you eat? Spam®. Lactose-free organic milk. Hershey’s® Milk Chocolate. Sliced persimmon. A fuzzy cube of Muenster. Go ahead. Open the door. And free the book inside.

The modern world

What’s the beauty of the modern world? From kitsch to high concept, everything is potentially the subject of art. The mass-produced aesthetic of the candy wrapper. The way a building casts a shadow across the hot street. A photo montage of a whole neighborhood of street signs. Ready to create a book that’s expresses your unique aesthetic? Just walk outside.

Birds in your ’hood

Some people are naturally drawn to our winged friends. Are you? If so, make a book about the birds in your neighborhood. Their nests, their favorite perches, the other birds they congregate with. Sometimes when we encourage you to let your ideas take flight, we mean it literally.

Rocks that rock

Basalt. Igneous. Sandstone. Rocks are everywhere. They’re the foundation upon which all of our earthly activities take place. Bringing together an array of pictures that document the rocks in your surroundings, and their stories, is solid material for a book. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Sew wonderful

Do you love making clothes? Feeling the whirr of the shuttle? Know someone who loves it? Make a book that captures the patterns sewing has created in your life—from picking out your fabrics to the final stitch. The end result will be a book that wears well with age.

The company of strangers

A man with a hat. A young lady and her dog. Strangers, perhaps. But what if you built a book of pictures of people you don’t know? It’s your stage; they are but players on it. Disconnected from their real lives, you connect them with newly imagined ones, and build your own story through the pages.

Take a hike

Along the twists and turns of a path near Blurb’s San Francisco headquarters, you’ll see redwood trees, the cup of gold that is the California poppy, views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We’re pretty sure there’s a hike near you that offers its own unique elements. Make a record of the natural beauty that surrounds you—and break a sweat while you’re at it.