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George Eastman House |
March 26, 2014
George Eastman House presents the 2014 Light & Motion Gala

George Eastman House will host its second Light & Motion Gala in New York City on Monday, May 5. The event, which highlights the museum’s work in photograph and film preservation and restoration, will pay tribute to the accomplishments of emerging and established artists in the fields of motion pictures and photography.

Blurb, Corporate Award: “Blurb takes George Eastman’s vision of photography for everyone a step further, democratizing the publishing of photography books.”

Vator News |
December 11, 2013
How the book industry is being reinvented

Blurb has printed and shipped more than eight million books, with over two million processed in 2012 alone. More than 50% of revenue comes from repeat customers. Blurb has paid out more than $3 million to authors to date and can process - at peak - 1.2 million books ordered per second. Blurb is also shipping to 70 countries.

Talking New Media |
November 22, 2013
One Person Rally: the continued rise of micropublishing

But somewhere in the middle lies new publishing houses that have arisen to help authors produce their eBooks. Some of these are not really publishing houses as much as publishing solutions. These companies offer easy ways to format, complete and publish the author’s work.

Nicole's Classes |
November 18, 2013
Create a Blurb Book Inside Lightroom

I love that you can make a Blurb Book from inside Lightroom. Moving back and forth between your photo organization software and another app or online bookmaking site can be tedious and time consuming and Lightroom really simplifies this.

Good eReader |
November 08, 2013
Blurb Unveils New Tools to Self-Publish Magazines

Blurb magazines and brochures, both of which are made using Blurb’s platform and its plug-in for Adobe InDesign, let anyone create customized publications that push the creative edge. Both products are printed on HP Indigo presses, the industry’s leading printer for on-demand publishing.

Leader-Post |
November 06, 2013
Blurb helps you give the gift of memories this holiday

Looking for a personalized gift idea? Here are some suggestions from Blurb for giving a customized book or ebook. You could create a photo book, family history book, cook book or even a Facebook book. What a great way to personalize and preserve meaningful moments.

Bubblews |
November 05, 2013
Why I Use Blurb for My Self-Publishing

The photo shows the first book I self-published with It's my mother's memories of her childhood. She wrote the essays over a number of years and I gathered them together, edited and arranged them for this book. It won the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award in 2010.

Digital Camera World |
October 24, 2013
Best photo book: reviews of the top self-publishing options for photographers

Blurb was one of the pioneers of self-publishing and has established itself as one of the biggest players in the market.

The Gift Insider |
October 24, 2013
Blurb Your Own Book

Time to update & impress everyone with your book-making skills. is the new way to make your own book, whether it's for business or a photo book or a personal literary creation, they all look totally polished.

KQED - Pop |
October 15, 2013
Inaugural Blurb Food/Book Fair: 5 SF Food Trends

Last night’s inaugural Blurb Food Fair at Stable Cafe was an especially courant evening celebrating the marriage of amateur cuisine and the digital publishing platform.

7x7 |
October 10, 2013
Foodie Agenda: Cheese 101, an Epic Food Fest, and More

Blurb, the SF-based digital publishing platform will celebrate a select group of exceptional Bay Area recipe bookmakers with an event designed to showcase their talents. At the Blurb Epic Food Fest, feast on flavorful creations from everyday cooks and food bloggers who have used Blurb to showcase their passion projects.

Talking New Media |
October 09, 2013
Bowker says analysis of ISBN numbers shows self-publishing jumped 59% last year

“The most successful self-publishers don’t view themselves as writers only, but as business owners,” said Beat Barblan, Bowker Director of Identifier Services, in the company’s press release. “They invest in their businesses, hiring experts to fill skill gaps and that’s building a thriving new service infrastructure in publishing.”

The Guardian |
October 08, 2013
'Kickstarter is a fantastic way to pitch your ideas to the world'

Through self-publishing you maintain complete control over exactly how it is written, designed and laid out. It is a fantastic thing to see your idea and vision through from complete infancy to finished product.

Calgary Herald |
October 04, 2013
How selfies are changing from vanity projects to tools of business and art

These days, however, the humble selfie is taking on new life. Long derided as evidence of a self-obsessed generation prone to oversharing, selfies are now being celebrated as a marketing strategy and creative business card. Selfies are even being turned into books with the help of self-publishing platforms such as Blurb and iPhoto.

Studio 5 with Brooke Walker |
October 01, 2013
Bring Instagram Photos to Life

For most of us, the reason we use Instagram is to document real life. But some of those candid moments are just too good to leave in an electronic archive.

Tampa Bay Times |
September 25, 2013
Valrico memoir writing class is all about sharing

Hunt, who shared the most comprehensive story at five pages, and Olga Finch, proudly the eldest of the writing group at 81, are a couple of Nous' essayists to have their works printed in hardcover books via For Finch, a transplant from Irvington, N.J., becoming published was a lifelong dream. For Hunt, it's about putting her thoughts on the record forever.

Flip the Media |
September 23, 2013
What the Cr(App)! #creativeLIVE Photo Week Edition

This innovative app (born from the bookmaking website of the same name) allows its users to create rich multimedia stories that can be shared across a variety of social media platforms. In short, Blurb puts the power of creative storytelling directly in your hands.

SFGate |
September 22, 2013
Cataloging collectibles easy with software

After I recommended a blog as a free and easy alternative to publishing a book of wartime e-mails, a reader wrote: "I understand why a blog has advantages over hard-copy publishing, as you point out in today's column. But, darn it, I want to publish my memoir as a book that people (kids and a very few friends) can hold, put on their coffee table, and even toss in the trash."

Press of Atlantic City |
September 18, 2013
Milville student meet author who put their stories in a book

White published the books through the website and copies are available there. The stories are also on White’s website, A photo of the three students is on the back cover of the book. The cover photo features White’s daughter, Kelly, on whom Foxy’s Tale is based. Kelly is now an adult expecting a child of her own.“One day Kelly’s child might be reading your stories,” Sandy White, Kelly’s mom, told the three authors.

Sun Star |
September 13, 2013
Lightroom's Book Module

One thing I really like about Lightroom is the power to organize your photos in the same application where you edit your photos. With the new Book module, this expands the user’s experience and convenience. You can actually do your entire workflow in one application. If you’re into Web, there’s another module for Web and for Slideshow as well.

Grand Traverse Insider |
September 02, 2013
Beach Devotions'

Laura Vae Gatz remembers having been given a camera when she was a child, and since then a camera of one sort or another has been her constant companion.

The Murfreesboro Post |
September 01, 2013
Caution: Creative artsit at work

For one who never deliberately set out to be an artist, Sally Ham Govan is producing a handsome body of work across a swath of media.

South Coast Today |
August 30, 2013
Work of fine artist with local ties to b displayed at Parson House Gallery

The artist's mother passed away when she was 12 years old, which is why the flower is symbolic to her. She said that each piece in her show has something to do with healing. Her book on the exhibit can be purchased at

Publisher's Weekly |
August 23, 2013
Blurb: Making Books in Real Time

Blurb ( is aimed at disrupting the world of print publishing, essentially moving the analog world of paper and print titles into the digital world of real-time, full-color, print-on-demand publishing with a focus on photographs, or, as Gittins described it, “illustrated books for the rest of us.”

Huffington Post Canada |
August 13, 2013
Back To School: Tips For Living Away From Home For The First Time

If you have a creative child who craves independence, help them rise above the crowd with a personalized notebook from

CZ Design |
August 12, 2013
Phot Book Review: Blurb & Artifact Uprising

You can find very elegant, minimal designs (or create them yourself!) and produce lovely books to save your memories. The sheer quanitity of photos I shoot—both with my DSLR and now, my iPhone—is staggering. I don't have space, nor would I want to find it, to do something with all of these digital images.
But photo book design has come a long way in this digital era. You can find very elegant, minimal designs (or create them yourself!) and produce lovely books to save your memories.

Vloggerheads |
August 08, 2013
My Toronto blurb photography book!

My (first!) Toronto blurb photography book

Information Today, Inc. |
August 05, 2013
Five Ways to Get Your Book Published

These days, authors don’t need a huge publishing house. One of the best ways to get published and get involved in the process is to sign up with a do-it-yourself (DIY) publisher.

Clickin Moms |
July 31, 2013
Katrina Stewart's Favorite Things

l managed to create a 2012 family annual book made up of all of my favourite images of my son and family and including some of his earliest ‘artwork’. We love the final result (and so to do the grandmas) and plan to do this every year.

Hispanic Business |
July 29, 2013
Sansumg Galaxy S4 Zoom Launched

Its Story Album feature allows users to arrange all stills and videos into one timeline to share with friends and loved ones. Images can be edited and ordered for print directly from the device through a partnership with the publishing platform Blurb.