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Parents |
May 13, 2013
3 Easy Ways Share and Create Products with Your Digital Photos

Blurb boasts one of the most impressive arrays of photo books that are available in a variety of sizes.

National Press Photographers Association |
May 13, 2013
Self Publishing: No Longer Vanity Affair

Indeed, the world of photo books has changed dramatically in a matter of just a few decades, from a rarified realm run by powerhouse publishers to a marketplace where literally anyone with a camera and computer can put images to paper.

BBC News |
May 08, 2013
Why I 3D printed an iPhone shoe

Created by design blog Dezeen, it mimics the concept of 3D printing, in that each individual copy of the magazine is only printed when a customer requests it, an experimental 'on demand' model being tested by UK publisher Blurb. |
May 05, 2013
It's important to get your digital photos organized and saved if you want to preserve them

Digital images and social media have pretty much made the traditional photo album a thing of the past.

New Jersey Monthly |
May 03, 2013
Pink's Peak: Toolbelt Edition

A month or so ago, I asked my wife what she would like for Mother's Day. She said, "Pictures of the pink trees in bloom." I decided to make her a book of tree flower pictures, and began looking for interesting specimens.

Tech 2 |
May 02, 2013
Review of Blurb iPhone App Make Your Own Book With Your Photographs (Video)

"This is a really cool new iPhone app that's come out called Blurb Mobile by Blurb."

Fast Company |
May 01, 2013
Using Social Media to Make Offline Products More Meaningful

Yes, people’s lives are now instantaneous and attractive--and as people can better document their real-world experiences, they’re finding new ways to bring their lives, now shared in Facebook and edited in Instagram, back off the news feed and into their surroundings.

Reading Eagle |
April 19, 2013
Reasons to properly preserve photos

The website offers a higher-quality version that is bookstore quality, which is an ideal choice if you want to create a photo book.

Huffington Post |
April 18, 2013
Mother's Day Ideas From Our Favorite Pinterest Accounts

Get an early start by browsing through our roundup of helpful Pinterest boards that feature the very best in gifts -- of both the store-bought and DIY variety. Go on and take a look!

Yahoo! News |
April 17, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 launches on seven U.S. carriers in April

Compile photos with location and weather information with Story AlbumTM to create the most comprehensive and personalized memory book. Integration with Blurb’s photo book printing service allows consumers to e asily print a physical book to keep or share.

The Telegraph |
March 28, 2013
Galaxy S4: retails draft in extra staff as orders taken for new Samsung smartphone

The S4 also features a significantly upgraded camera which features 13MP resolution and can take pictures or record simultaneously from both its front and rear. The company has also signed a deal with photo-printing service Blurb to enable users to quickly order printed albums of pictures.

PetaPixel |
March 28, 2013
From Hot Type to Bottom Feeders: Adapt or Die as a Wedding Photographer

It took many years, but technology killed the printing industry’s traditional business model as dead as fast food chains killed H&H, while at the same time spawning entirely new ones. Cheap, high quality print-on-demand products like the Moo cards and Blurb books on the desk in front of me as I write this are but two examples of what grew from that revolution.

The Vancouver Sun |
March 28, 2013
Self-publishing leaves legacy

There may be no joy more valuable to a senior than creating a permanent memoir.

Sue at Home |
March 28, 2013
Instagram Photo Book from Blurb

I just got my custom photo book from Blurb and I love it so much that I just had to share a little bit of it with you!

InsideFMM |
March 01, 2013 Offers Designers Cost Effective Portfolio Printing

Do you need to showcase your styling work, your designs or your brand? is an easy to use and inexpensive way to do just that.

Five Feet Flat |
March 01, 2013
Arr! Have you Seen This On Blurb?

Blurb is one of the top rated self-publishing platforms out there. The reviews were so good I just had to sign up. And look what I found!

Bonz World |
February 28, 2013
Blurb Your Photos

I have just discovered a wonderful new site called Blurb! Blurb allows you to turn your craft photos into amazing high-quality books and ebooks where in you can personalize your planners, notebooks, magazines, Facebook books and more! |
February 26, 2013
Location-based services are coming of age (and it's way more than Foursquare)

Storytelling and citizen journalism is increasingly being done on mobile devices.

Wired |
February 20, 2013
How to Self-Publish Your Very Own Children's Book

Ever think about writing your own children’s book? I have, for many years, actually. Last year, I finally followed through and produced one called Smart Aleck.

SunSentinel |
February 15, 2013
Club Members Learn How to Create Travel Photo Books

Roth said he uses the Blurb site to make the photo books.[I've] made 12 photo books using their highly intuitive free software that allows flexibility," he said. "I like the quality of their books and their reasonable prices."

stupidDOPE |
February 13, 2013
Stockholm Subway by Alexander Dragunov

The Stockholm subway is not like the average subway. The sprawling art gallery of stations has been donned the most beautiful subway system in the world.

February 12, 2013
Netted: Your Ultimate Valentine's Day Resource

A card can’t hold what you’ve got to say about your Valentine? Then why not make a whole book? Whether you’re writing poetry, a dedicated novel, or putting together a photobook of memories, Blurb is the easiest-to-use service out there.

February 08, 2013
From Blog to Book: Steps to Self-Publishing Your Work

I have tried a few different self-publishers to accomplish this task, and I have found that the Blog Slurper from Blurb is an easy-to-use interface.

Adriel Henderson Photography |
January 31, 2013
Blurb Book Publishing

After a great project with DuoStar Dressage I wanted to put together a bit of a thank you gift, so I tapped Blurb's publish-on-demand technology to create a book of my favorite portraits from the project.

Huffington Post |
January 30, 2013
Marriage Proposal Book Man Creates Coffee Table Book to Pop the Question

Toronto couple Travis Hines and Rachel Longo-Tosoian's love story has a storybook ending -- literally. Hines told HuffPost Weddings Tuesday that he was trying to think of a creative way to pop the question when he realized that he and Longo-Tosoian had taken about 3,000 photos together since they began dating in 2008. So, using online publishing platform Blurb, he created a coffee table book filled with his favorite photos -- and a marriage proposal.

EquallyWed |
January 19, 2013
6 Tips for Creating a Wedding Album (Plus, Our Favorite Source!)

To keep these gorgeous images from going to waste, preserve your wedding day while telling the story with a wedding photo album book. Going through your photographer has the potential to be expensive, while store bought options, with their plastic photo sleeves, leave little to be desired; which is why we love Blurb.

Minimus |
January 11, 2013
Ultimate Gift Guide for Valentine's Day Traveling

One of my favorite ideas is still to do something that shows that you really put some thought into, and in particular, I love the idea of making your own photo album. These days, it can be done fairly easily, and electronically. Check out the website where you can pick your book size, and it has a great free software tool (desktop and iPad versions available) that allows you to use one of their many pre-formatted templates but also allows for complete customization to move things around, crop, change specific page layouts, add captions, etc.

Steamboat Today |
January 07, 2013
Tom Ross: Yampa Valley lifestyle makes New Year's resolutions easy

This year will be the year that I make a good start on writing a nonfiction book. But while I struggle to find the time to write more than I already write in my working life, I’m going to use one of the online self-publishing services like Blurb to make a one-off photographic book comprising my past adventures in the desert Southwest.

Radio Prague |
January 05, 2013
Paul Kaye: twenty years of the Czech-Slovak border

"It’s a very good system for publishing photographic books. You download the software from the Blurb site, you create the book yourself, using their software on your own computer, and when you’ve finished, you upload it to the website and you can then find an audience with it. People can look at it, they can preview it and if they like they can buy copies of it."

AgWired |
January 02, 2013
E-Versions of 2012 Zimmcomm Photo Books

While Congress was busy wasting taxpayer dollars over the holiday, I was busy making the annual photo books that we do for some of our clients. I love doing these books and we have always used Blurb to make them and this year they have added the option of making E-books!