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The Wall Street Journal |
December 31, 2012
Pages of Memories Done in Less Than an Hour

Even with most family photographs in digital form, there's something special about a photo album on the bookshelf. |
December 29, 2012
Beatle news briefs: New book suggests Beatles things to do before you die

Bob Gannon, whose photographs of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on tour have been used on many of our concert reports, says his photo books are now available as e-books.

Female First |
December 22, 2012
Gifts Under the Christmas Tree are Smaller than ever as Families Opt for Mini Gadgets

Blurb has itself seen a huge growth in demand this Christmas from customers wishing to create their own small stocking-filler books, such as those featuring their favourite images from Instagram or Facebook. And Ebooks for the iPad are also proving popular.

USA Today |
December 15, 2012
Surf report: best new photography gadgets

If you're still searching for a thoughtful gift, remember that a photo is worth a thousand words. I'm not quite sure how many words that translates to with a custom photo book, but suffice it to say you've got thoughtful covered.

Cookie and Kate |
December 05, 2012
Holiday Gift Guide

Drag and drop your recipes and photos into Blurb’s cookbook layouts and have them printed at a reasonable price. This would be such a cool way to share family recipes.

Wedding Dresses Magazine |
December 04, 2012
Your Love Story In A Book

Create your own digital or print wedding book that is just as elegant as any art book found in bookstores. Blurb gives brides an easy way to create a book of their wedding day.

MediaBistro |
November 14, 2012
How To Make Books with Instagram Photos

Do you want to turn your Instagram photos into books? The self-publishing company Blurb will print Instagram photo books quickly, offering five different kinds of paper and three kinds of covers. Prices start at $10.95 for a 20-page paperback book.

PaperSpecs |
November 13, 2012
Blurb + InDesign = Game Changer

While HP’s MagCloud has helped hundreds of would-be publishers produce slick print-on-demand magazines for a few years now, POD book printer Blurb may have just done that company out of a gig. Starting this month, an Adobe InDesign plug-in will enable anyone with that software and an Internet connection to print magazines and brochures using Blurb’s well-respected service.

Time |
November 13, 2012
The Indie Photo Book in the 21st Century

Two years ago Larissa Leclair founded the Indie Photobook Library in her Washington D.C home with the goal of preserving rare self-published books and making them available to a larger audience. She hopes the collection will one day land at the Library or Congress for safe keeping.

Xconomy |
November 13, 2012
Photo Books from Blurb: A High-Tech Gift Idea with Low-Tech Charm

For a surprisingly low sum, Blurb will take your digital photos and help you assemble them into a bookstore-quality photo book that will make a great present for someone you love.

November 12, 2012
What it takes to be a chief executive

Until recent years, if you were a top chief executive - or CEO - you might have felt that you had the best job in the world. The benefits were many - power, respect, an enormous pay packet, freedom to operate, all of the positive aspects that generally go with being the boss - including not really having a boss of your own, at least in the conventional sense.

Good E-Reader |
November 08, 2012
Blurb Unveils New Tools to Self-Publish Magazines

Digital Self-Publishing has grown tremendously in the last few years. Many major players in the game have all unveiled tools and content distribution methods to help authors gain exposure and make money. Comic books, graphic novels, ebooks, and kids books all have viable avenues for people to pursue. One of the main elements that has been left out the mix is magazines. Blurb is seeking to quickly remedy this situation with new tools for Adobe InDesign. |
November 08, 2012
Blurb Expanding to Include Magazines

In a very interesting move for writers, the creative publishing platform Blurb has released two additions to its on-demand print products – Magazines and Brochures. These new products, available via an Adobe® InDesign® plug-in, combine print-on-demand flexibility with quality and design capabilities to meet the individual needs of consumers and organisations, regardless of how big or small the job.

Wired |
November 06, 2012
Digital Self-Publishing Platform Blurb Expands to Offer Magazines and Brochures

As publishing transitions into the digital space, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to abandon print entirely. In fact, Blurb has built a successful business by offering “accidental authors” an easy way to write and self-publish custom print books on demand, all through a digital platform. In May, the company added e-books, giving people a tool to publish their work as iPad and iPhone versions.

PMA Newsline |
October 23, 2012
On the DIMAcast: Blurb combines photos with multimedia in e-books

A book on an iPad or other device can be more than text and pictures: it becomes a metaphor, a method for organizing and presenting a story of any kind. Hardcopy photo book printer Blurb has expanded to e-books — and is now expanding what we mean by books and stories.

Digital Book World |
October 11, 2012
Blurb Wants To Bring Illustrated E-books up to Speed for Publishers and Consumers

Illustrated books are not finding the same success in the digital publishing world as plain-text books; San Francisco- and London-based self-publishing service Blurb aims to change that. Earlier this month, Blurb, launched in 2006 and known for helping users create high-quality illustrated books for print-on-demand distribution, launched a new suite of tools for production and distribution of enhanced e-books.

Pocket-lint |
October 02, 2012
Blurb: Make money from your blog by turning it into an eBook

Bloggers, amateur photographers and would-be storytellers are being given the opportunity to turn their work into interactive eBooks available on the iOS platform. What's more, they might be able to make money from their endeavours.

Chicago3Media |
October 02, 2012
Blurb's Free Bookmaking Tools Now Output Rich Media eBooks

Blurb®, the creative publishing platform, today announced that new versions of its award-winning BookSmart, Bookify and InDesign® Plug-In creation tools will enable customers to simply and easily convert their new or existing print files to ebooks, adding video, audio and live links to enrich the storytelling experience.

The Mom Buzz |
October 02, 2012
Make Your Own Book for the Holidays

Blurb is without a doubt my favorite company to create books with. Most often I design photobooks, but one of my most creative ventures was to make an ABC Super Hero book when my children were younger to help them learn their ABC’s!

October 01, 2012
Is a DIY Program or Full-Service App Developer Right for You?

The best reason for would-be-self-publishers of photo books to use Blurb's do-it-yourself tools is the most simple one: Blurb was founded to service would-be-self-publishers of photo books and them alone. And now Blurb has gotten into the e-book space, which has prompted a few tweaks to the company's traditional print-book products.

Shop With Me Mama |
September 21, 2012
Beautiful Photo Books And Book Printing From Blurb! QUICK Giveaway!

Well now, thanks to Blurb, we can all easily, quickly and affordably create gorgeous, high-quality books that will be uniquely and beautifully illustrate the essence of your family in words and images!

PrintWeek |
April 18, 2012
CGX partners with Blurb on short-run bound publications

“The new service, named Publish, uses a free Adobe InDesign plug-in from Blurb and includes templates for four cover formats, five paper types, and eight trim sizes - including a new 8.5"x11" size exclusive to Publish. CGX added that Publish will also enable creative professionals to finish their projects up to 75% faster using Blurb's custom proofing tools and automated pre-flight checks.”

Dexigner |
March 14, 2012
Blurb authors earn $1M in profits in 2011

“Blurb authors earned more than $1M in profits on the sale of nearly 100K books in 2011 as part of the Blurb Set Your Price program. Blurb's customer base grew by 44% in 2011, and the company shipped more than 1.8M books to 69 countries. The company continued to see growth across on-demand publishing categories including business books, portfolio books, design projects, photography books, novels, and more.”

Cult of Mac |
March 06, 2012
Adobe Lightroom 4 now prints amazing glossy Blurb books

“I have a Blurb book, made from my Instagram photos, and it is great — high quality and beautifully printed. I can’t see how — thanks to higher quality photos you’re using — the Lightroom version wouldn’t be even better.”

CBS News MoneyWatch |
February 24, 2012
Publish your own book

“MoneyWatch had the cook's tour of Blurb HQ in San Francisco...”

Huffington Post |
February 23, 2012
Eileen Gittins, CEO Of, Wants To Change The World 'One Book At A Time'

“So here I am, a photographer, an insane reader and a web entrepreneur. I put those three things together, and out comes this ability to make a print book available to everyone in the world who has access to a browser and 10 bucks. Why should it be the purview of publishing industry to decide who gets published and who doesn’t?”

Pixiq |
February 07, 2012
Lightroom Interview: Kevin Tieskoetter

“We evaluated quite a few different book vendors ... We chose Blurb mainly for the high quality and range of options for their books (while staying at a reasonable price), and for their reputation for having good customer service. We've printed many, many books so far and have been very pleased with the results.”

Macworld |
January 26, 2012
Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta shines with new video capabilities

“Books enable photographers to self-publish their work using layout tools in Lightroom, then save the finished product to PDF or send the job to Blurb. The Blurb integration is actually very tight. As authors add pages, for example, they see an updated estimated price for Blurb printing in the inspector.”