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Blurb's Book Camp

Blurb's Book Camp

Watch these short videos to find out how to make your first book with Blurb. Get organizing tips and design tricks, learn the tools, and more.


Make your first book a masterpiece with tips and tricks from the experts.

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Documenting life

When personal family books turn into art: An interview with Tiffany Burnett-Peña.

Celebrate life’s biggest moments: Documenting pregnancy, birth, and childhood in your very own custom book, made with Blurb


Honeymoon photo books

Capturing love and wanderlust in honeymoon books

Discover how to document your honeymoon travels in beautiful bookstore-quality honeymoon books with Blurb’s self-publishing tools


Celebration photo books

Parties in print—celebration books

Parties in print. Make celebration photo albums and commemorative books to mark the occasions you want to remember and share.


Special moments photo books

Not forgotten—turning memories into books

Making life event photo books—mark your special moments by turning inspirations and memories into books.


Love story photo books

Every story is a love story—here are some of our favorites

Gorgeous photo books that showcase love in print—stories about sweethearts, fiancées, partners, and spouses. Learn how to make your next book with Blurb.


Family photo book

A family journey—in a beautiful family photo book

Meet some lovely custom books that commemorate family—and get inspiration (and tips from a book-making expert) to make your own family photo book.


Interior design coffee table books

There’s no place like home

Discover the home décor, interior design, and residential building project books being created with Blurb—and imagine what you could do.


Memory gift photo books

Make the perfect gift (with a little help from your friends)

Learn how to make a spectacular custom gift with Blurb—a collaborative book project that’s all about a special person in your life.


Graphic novels

Beyond the Whizz! Bang! and Pow! The comic book comes of age.

Get inside the thought bubbles of a graphic novelist, explore worlds strange and familiar, and learn how self-publishing is a comic artist’s dream.


Bloggers world - blog to book

From blog to book, here’s how it starts

Meet Jodi Wilson and Lindsey Johnson, two bloggers and crafters, and learn about their upcoming books, to be self-published with Blurb.


Passion projects - book publication

Books that dreams are made of—from passion to publication

Hobbyists. Business owners. Creative types. They—and you—all have something in common: A drive to pursue a passion and the ability to self-publish a book with Blurb.


Make a magazine with Blurb

Free magazine templates and your own virtual newsstand

Design, make, and sell your next periodical with Blurb’s new magazine format.


BookWright and great escapes: Authentic adventure, thrilling travel, and a book to remember it all

Travel tales from around the world to help you get inspired to get outside and explore the globe. Pick a place, embark on an adventure, and make your next Blurb book.


Blurb to Amazon

BookWright and Blurb to Amazon: Two new additions to Blurb's indie publishing platform

Design and publish professional-looking print and ebooks—and sell through


Life (and books) in the fast lane

Life (and books) in the fast lane

Check out photos of some seriously fast cars, motorcycles, and boats—all inside one-of-a-kind custom books created with Blurb's book-making tools.


Behind the Lens

Behind the lens—and onto the page

Get inspired to create your next photograph-focused book, learn more about paper types, and read up on the latest photography exhibits.


Travel Cities

Let's get (way) out there and make some books—and some memories

Book-makers are going places in self-published books from all over the world. Travel photo book examples, exotic cookbooks, custom travel guides, and more.


London Author Fair

The thrill of the hunt: Gorgeous books of collections

Blurb shows you how to turn photos of your collection (whatever it is) into a beautiful book. Get tips, explore examples, and make your own book.


London Author Fair

Instagram shots, Instagram books

Put your Instagram shots in the spotlight with Blurb. Your best pics, our best books.


London Author Fair

Self-published books in bloom

Get self-publishing inspiration with garden planning books, books of garden photography, and more. See what blooms when you self-publish with Blurb.


London Author Fair

Insights on self-publishing from the London Author Fair

Get insights on self-publishing from Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins, meet London-based authors, and explore the 2014 London Author Fair.


The Wedding Book Issue

The Wedding Book Issue

A look at wedding books and wedding albums of all types. From engagement to honeymoon, Blurb looks at how people celebrate their nuptials in print.


Bakers who self-publish with Blurb

Bakers who self-publish with Blurb

This week we have a special craving for sweets and treats⎯in the form of some amazing books about baking.


Self-publish in style: A look at the books of fashion

Self-publish in style: A look at the books of fashion

With a focus on fashion, we take a look at how authors are using Blurb's creative self-publishing platform to create stylish books and magazines.


Unleash your inner creative

Unleash your inner creative

Hear from one of London's premier interior designers, discover your next hobby, and learn how jAlbum can help you manage your photography online.


Power to the authors

Power to the authors

Advice from self-publishing experts, turn a gift book into a passion statement, and winter books that make us feel all warm inside.


Love is best expressed with books

Love is best expressed with books

Take your Valentine on a journey with a book about,⎯and made with⎯love, hear from authors who chose love as their theme, and find unique and creative ways to say "I love you" with a Blurb book.


Holidays last forever

Think outside the book with an ebook

Break outside your comfort zone and think outside the book (and even build business) with an enhanced ebook, We show you how.


Holidays last forever

2014: New year, new book

Start 2014 off right with a book from your best photos of 2013. See how to organize your project, meet new ebooks, and more.


Holidays last forever

Holidays last forever in a book

Capture the spirit of the season in a photo book, instantly, turn your holiday memories into gifts with Blurb Mobile, and make your own Chicken Soup for the Soul.


Unique and beautiful gifts

Unique and beautiful gifts

Find unique holiday gifts, support a community of truly independent artists and writers, and receive your beautiful books in time for Christmas.


Personalized books, the sweetest gift of all

Personalized books, the sweetest gift of all

Discover personalized gift books to make for Christmas gifts, explore gorgeous Christmas books, and make an ebook to show off your business at the end of the year.


Art, inspiration, and beautiful books

Art, inspiration, and beautiful books

Document your child's early art career, learn about real estate books that mean business, and think outside the book with Dan Milnor.


Looking back and remembering

Looking back and remembering

Look back on the year gone by and remember the good times, make a family biography and meet the maker of a seriously amazing family history book.


Celebrating the new era of book publishing

Celebrating the new era of book publishing

Celebrate the new era of book publishing, meet a publishing icon and seriously creative writers, make your kid an author, and more.


Storytelling runs in the family

Storytelling runs in the family

Meet Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine, make a book your family will love, and see Apple's new ebook format for Mavericks and Blurb.


Two Month Holiday Countdown

Two month holiday countdown

Get your holiday gifts finished ahead of time, see our gift guide, make a business planner, and see a food blogger's kitchen.


Discovering and Exploring

Discovering and exploring

Explore academic self-publishing & low-angle photography (that's what we call looking through a kid's eyes) and make your own book.


The Poetry of Autumn

The poetry of autumn

Get inspired by the great poets of autumn, explore some great books of poetry, and enhance your poems with sound and video.


Bring It Home With a Book

Bring it home with a book

See how you can make a book (and ebook) on the road to preserve your memories before you get home and explore some great travel books.


Start the Gift Giving Season

Start gift giving with a book

Start the gift-giving season by making custom books ahead of time, turn family dinners into great stories, and thank donors with beautiful books.


Big Cities Beautiful Buildings and Books

Bright lights, big cities, and beautiful books

We're inspired by great cities, so join in this newsletter: Explore artistic creativity in Brooklyn & Detroit architecture and get started on your own book.


Everyone Has a Book in Them

Shine a light on your finest work

Everyone has a book in them—let yours get ahead in your career, seed a larger project, and make your small business look bigger. It's easy with Blurb.


Whip Up Your Own Book

Indulge your creativity—whip up your very own book

Get ready for Thanksgiving with thank you books, turn your food blog into a food book, and meet an organizer of the IFBC (the International Food Blogger Conference).


One for the Books

Your summer: One for the books

Celebrate the end of summer by turning your photos into great gift books, get a writing exercise to inspire, and see how high-end brands use Blurb to look even better.


Wine Newsletter - Crack Open a Great Book

Fresh. Complex. Intoxicating. Blurb and Wine.

This issue is all about wine, featuring tasteful stories about books that could only be made with Blurb. We interview acclaimed wine blogger Alder Yarrow, show you how to create your own wine journal (we even give you a free template), and take a look at some of our favorite wine books in the Blurb Bookstore.


Authorprenuers Newsletter - Where a Book Can Take You

Where Will Your Book Take You?

You never know what a book can you do for your career or business. In this issue we look at three authors whose Blurb books have helped their careers, we examine the many ways a book can help your business, and we highlight a few bestsellers from the Blurb Bookstore.


Free the Book Holiday Newsletter

Vacations, Rock and Roll, and Books

Learn how to make an amazing vacation journal—while on vacation. See how photographer John Scarpati used Kickstarter and Blurb to make a killer rock and roll book about the 80s Los Angeles music scene. And see how unique Blurb books really are with our spotlight on Tiny Horses.


Free the Children's Book Newsletter

All About the Children

You're never too old to read a children's book—or make one. Learn how a schoolteacher made her own illustrated ABCs ebook, get the inside scoop on storytelling from an illustrator's point of view, and discover how Blurb is being used in the classroom.


Break the Format Newsletter - DIY Wedding

Break the Format

What happens when you defy convention and try something unexpected? This issue features an article on how to make a DIY wedding book, a feature on a truly unique art book, and an exploration of a really unique format—the ebook.


Free the Cookbook Newsletter

Free the Cookbook

In this issue, we take a look at the intersection of food and books with a how-to on making your own cookbook, an interview with a successful food blogger-turned-author, and reviews of some of our favorite Blurb food books.


Free the Book Newsletter

Free the Mind—Free the Book

A celebration of creative freedom including travel photography tips from a pro, telling your business story in a creative way, and writing exercises to unlock the creative part of your brain.