Power to the people authors.

Blurb was built from the ground up for the author in all of us. We’ve created book-making tools that put the power of self-publishing in your hands, printing processes and standards that deliver professional-quality books, and ways to help you get your word out to the whole world.

This week, we’re celebrating that power with some sage advice from self-publishing experts, an idea about how to turn a gift book into a passion statement, and some examples of winter books that make us feel all warm inside.

In this issue:

Founders of Authoright

How to get from story to book—a sit-down with the Founders of Authoright

How to get from story to book—Blurb’s sit-down with Hayley Radford and Gareth Howard of Authoright about what it takes to succeed in self-publishing.


Blurb bookstore

A winter’s tale—from the Blurb bookstore

Explore a selection of our favorite self-published books about winter from Blurb’s online bookstore, along with exclusive interviews with the authors.


The gift book that keeps on giving

The gift (book) that keeps on giving

Learn how to make a personalized gift book with Blurb’s creative self-publishing platform with step-by-step instructions and inspiration.