Volume 2014, Issue 4

A winter’s tale—from the Blurb bookstore


Winter in Iceland

Dark, bright, bleak, and beautiful—winter has many sides. As we now find ourselves in the middle of the season (here in the Blurb offices in the Northern Hemisphere), we chose to review a selection of books exploring this theme.

Winter’s visual cacophony is captured and celebrated to great effect in photographer and Blurb book-maker Sophie Carr’s book Winter in Iceland. We talked to Sophie about the process of making of her book and what she discovered:

How did you go about making your book?

I took thousands of photos (!) on a 9-day trip to Iceland in March 2012, but picked a selection of my favorites to put in the book.

Which book-making tool did you use?

I downloaded the BookSmart tool, uploaded a selection of photos, and played around with the sizes and layouts, selecting most of the photos.

How did you decide on the format (trim size, template)?

I added a few pages as I went along to make sure I had the selection I wanted included and saved some page layouts that I wanted to reuse, making sure they all lined up properly.

What paper and finish options did you choose?

I chose the ProLine Charcoal Linen cover, ProLine Charcoal End Sheets and Premium Paper, Lustre finish.

We think the book is beautiful. Were there any lessons for you when creating it? What advice would you have for others wanting to create such a successful photo book?

I learned that it's really useful to set up some of your own templates with the photo layouts, so that you can re-use those layouts throughout the book so it's consistent. I also learned that you have to be mindful of borders and page position (different on left and right)—it takes a bit of playing around with to get it right, but it's worth the effort it in the end!


NORGE - Sergey Beketov

Sergey Beketov

Breathtaking landscapes from beyond the Polar Circle are artfully collated in this stunning photo book.

Cold Bitter End - James Katsipis

The Cold Bitter End
James Katsipis

This book’s ethereal cover shot—with its suspended snowflakes and quiet calm—does not prepare you for the many dramatic action shots inside. James Katsipis’ photographs are simply wonderful.


Winter - Shawna Eberle

Shawna Eberle

This fine art photography portfolio is a visual exploration of "tiny fragments of the frozen landscape collected in order to explore their fragile nature". Stunning.

Winter is coming - Pierre-louis Dieulessaint

Winter is coming
Pierre-louis Dieulesaint

Striking black and white photography illustrates emotive scenes of homelessness in winter across several European cities in this unforgettable photo book.


Winter Playtime - Sheila Murphy

winter : playtime
Sheila Murphy

NYC-based photographer Sheila Murphy skillfully pairs wintery images in a book that celebrates "snow days" and the unexpected free time they pleasingly enforce.

Utah & Arizona Winter 2012 - Colin Remas Brown

UTAH & ARIZONA Winter 2012
Colin Remas Brown

A wintery color palette, atmospheric landscapes, creative composition, and interesting effects combine to produce some wonderful imagery in this book from Colin Remas Brown.


Winter Trees - Jim Turner

Winter Trees
Jim Turner

The quote at the beginning of this book perfectly sets the scene for the statuesque and silhouette-like photographs of the beautiful trees within.

Winter in Brighton - Ike Koenig

Winter in Brighton
Ike Koenig

Ike Koenig documents the subjective charm of the British costal city of Brighton in winter, with humor, blight, and beauty all rolled into one.


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