Volume 2014, Issue 7

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My Family & Food - Laura Holmes

My Family & Food
Laura Holmes

One part baking, one part design, one part photography, this hardcover is stocked with delicious recipes. Try your hand at cakes, pies, doughnuts, and cookies to satiate your sweet tooth (and impress your friends and family).

Treat - Clea Pettit & Racheal Hamlin

Clea Pettit & Racheal Hamlin

We all love a treat, but to be able to indulge in delicious healthy sweets is a treat in and of itself. Delight in cakes, biscuits, and desserts that your children will love without the bouncing-off-the-walls sugar side effects.


Cookie Cravings - Maria Lichty  and Heidi Larsen

Cookie Cravings
Maria Lichty and Heidi Larsen

It's kismet for Maria Lichty and Heidi Larsen, two popular food bloggers who joined forces to tackle their obsession: Cookies. The book is packed with cookie recipes of all kinds; you may have a hard time picking a favorite.

Just Desserts - Priceless Hamilton

Just Desserts
Priceless Hamilton

Proceeds from sales of this book go to a good cause, so you get double the goodness with these sweet recipes. Featuring crepes, pumpkin bread, a multitude of cheesecakes, and much more, this book is a treat.


Gingerbread - Laura Barker Cvitanovic

Laura Barker Cvitanovic

Christmas may be just a memory at this point, but any time of year is a good time to build and eat a gingerbread house. The beautiful completed houses featured in this book will delight and inspire. Recipes included.

Favorite Cookies - Susan M. Schroeder

Favorite Cookies
Susan M. Schroeder

A great cookie can go a long way. It makes the perfect companion for a cup of tea. It can cheer up a child after a bad day. And it certainly sweetens up snack time. Which is exactly why Susan M. Schroeder shared her best cookie recipes with you.


Sweet N' Treats - Jamie Hunter

Sweet N' Treats
Jamie Hunter

A visual treat, this beautifully designed book features good old favorites such as apple crisp and sugar cookies and packs a serious baker's punch with a few surprises. The coconut bars and gingerbread blondies look particularly sweet.

My Fabulous Treats - Kim Beach

My Fabulous Treats
Kim Beach

If you're on a health kick, you're in luck. My Fabulous Treats' 20 mouthwatering dessert recipes are healthy and scrumptious. You can continue to serve desserts for friends and family even if you're watching your waistline. Our personal favorite: The cinnamon donuts. Yum!


Muffins - Kari Hickman

Kari Hickman

The muffin recipes in this book are organized by season, so you'll be able to keep friends and family in muffin heaven all year. From good old chocolate chip to cream cheese and carrot cake muffins, there's something for every taste.



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