To have and to hold—a beautiful wedding book

Valentine’s Day is still fresh in our memories this week, and romance is still in the air. With spring just around the corner, it’s not too early to start with the wedding planning. From engagement books to honeymoon albums, Blurb has it covered. Our newsletter this week features a guest article from two Blurb customers who announced their marriage with a book, some book tips from a professional wedding photographer, and much more (or should we say much amore).

In this issue:

A Story of A Tale of Two Princes

The Story of A Tale of Two Princes, by James Stapleton and Teakaau Piho

The creation of a truly amazing wedding announcement made with Blurb’s creative self-publishing platform, as told by a pair of (pretend) princes.


Interview with Natalie Xanthakis

The bride is a book-maker: An interview with Natalie Xanthakis of Mint Love Social Club

Lifestyle blogger Natalie Xanthakis shares her wedding photo album and gives tips on how to make a lovely wedding photo book of your own with Blurb.


Wedding tips from photographer Claire Cordier

Making your wedding photo book even more beautiful

Want a wedding photo book that turns heads? Get some wedding photo book tips from Claire Cordier, a professional wedding photographer.



How we did it ourselves

How we did it ourselves last summer

A memento and thank you book detailing the planning of a DIY wedding, from the invites and road signs to the tents, food, and décor.


Wedding books - Blurb Bookstore

Add to your bridal guide with these one-of-a-kind books in the Blurb Bookstore

A selection of bridal books from the Blurb Bookstore that will help any bride (or groom) get inspired for the big day.