Volume 2014, Issue 8

How we did it ourselves last summer

How we did it ourselves last summer


My husband and I have been together for 14 years, having met at the opening night of my fine art degree in 1999 and becoming instantly inseparable. When he proposed (“Finally!” I hear you cry) there was never any question of wedding planners, churches, or caterers—as a creative couple with many talented friends and family members, we wanted to plan and execute the whole thing ourselves, down to the last detail.

We rented a little piece of heaven in the countryside near our home, borrowed the adjacent field, and set about sourcing, hiring, hand making, and installing all we needed. The weather was kind to us, as were all those who worked hard to help us create the day we had in mind.

I’d thought about creating a little memento book of the days leading up to our nuptials as a reminder for us, and as a thank you for those involved in helping us before we got started. So I documented as much as I remembered to—bride brain is a battle—with my iPhone, and downloaded the pictures after the event.

I selected a few other shots of the day (the bands that played, etc.) from friends and family to ensure I touched on all the elements that went into planning and making it happen. I wanted to create something very different from a traditional wedding book⎯more of a reflection of the planning of a DIY wedding, from the invites and road signs to the tents, food, and décor.

This is the result, a funny little reminder of the hilarity, stress, and ultimate success of the whole thing that we’ll all treasure, when it’s finished—I’m a terrible fiddler and this may well go through several hundred further versions and revisions before I decide it’s finished, but then that is the beauty of BookSmart.

The wedding album is next on the list. That one might take a little longer in the works but I can’t wait to do more work on it—it’s sitting in BookSmart just waiting for me to dip back in. That’s another thing I love about BookSmart and Blurb: You don’t have to make that one “perfect” wedding book. We’re making a few, with different perspectives and for different reasons—and enjoying every minute of the process.



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