The thrill of the hunt:
Gorgeous books of collections

Toys. Books. Art. Posters. Thimbles. Antiques. There’s probably something out there that you’re fascinated by, that you hunt for high and low, that you’re driven to collect, keep, and display.

Whatever it is that you just can’t get enough (or too many) of, you can make a book about your collection that demonstrates the commitment of your passion. Use a book to get your collection off the shelves and out of the boxes and into a stunning mix of images, information, and insight. Use your book to connect with other enthusiasts, to share your knowledge and expertise, or just to show off. (Here at Blurb, we’re big fans of showing off.)

So take a look at a collection of our favorite books about collections (if you will) and get inspired to collect your own way to an amazing book.

In this issue:

Beautiful Collections - Collector Interviews

The art of collecting: Interviews with collectors (who also happen to be book makers)

Explore gorgeous photos of collections, meet antique collectors, and get inspired to make a photo book of your own collection with Blurb.


Collection turned book - Robert Hill interview

A collection turned book: An interview with Robert Hill

We spoke with photographer Robert Hill on making A Collection of Courtenay Heraldic and Historical Figures with Blurb.


Kent Hall - How to make a collectors guide

Collecting cameras and making books: Kent Hall on how to make a collectors guide

Blurb camera aficionado Kent Hall talks about making a collectors guide of his camera collection and shares tips on how to make a photo book with Blurb.