Shine a light on your finest work.
(And impress the best of them.)

A book can do great things. Like help you get ahead in your career. Or plant the seed for a bigger book project. A book can even make a small business look bigger than it is. Whatever your reason to put press to paper, rev up that new business engine of yours and get into high gear. Put your book to work impressing, influencing, and inspiring others.

Want to speed up your career? Make a book. It will do wonders.

Showcase your best work. Communicate who you are and what you do to a potential employer. And tell a rich, graphic story. You name it, and your Blurb book can do it. Sure, you’ll need to put in the time to translate your work experience into a book, but trust us—it will be oh-so worth it.

You want to put your best foot forward, and we totally get that. Which is why we think a book can make all the difference. Buck the standard plain-paper resumé trend and go your own way. Make one book and distribute it three ways. Call it your book trifecta.

Make a hardcover book

First things first

You’ll want to create a hardcover portfolio or book encompassing your work experience to date. Consider how you want to present it. If you’re a creative, the logical step is to add the best visual or written references of your work to showcase your creativity. If you’re not in a creative field though, you’ll want some equivalent firepower. Think testimonials and reference letters. Infographics depicting your amazingly varied skillset and graphs highlighting success metrics from past positions. (If you’ve got it, flaunt it.) This “book of you” will help you nail in-person interviews and leave a lasting impression (and if you can afford it, leave a copy of the book behind too).

Make your book

  1. Pick a book size
  2. Gather all that collectively tells your success story
  3. Make your book
  4. Order away!
  5. Marvel at your new hardcover career-booster
Make an eBook

Two books are better than one

Once you’re pleased with your new hardcover book, an ebook is your next move. With just one click you can whip that picture perfect book into a digital portfolio, perfect for sharing with prospective employers. Wow them before even meeting them—and hopefully secure an interview in the process.

Make your ebook

  1. Convert your print book to an ebook with one click (Find the button on your My Projects page when logged in at
  2. Preview your ebook and make any edits or additions you want
  3. Order away!
Make a PDF version

Third time's a charm

The last key to your three-part career booster is a PDF version of your book. Feature it on your website, allowing visitors to download it to review at their leisure. Keeping the PDF version on your site can make it easy for recruiters and prospective employers to assess your skills at any time.


  1. When you make a book, we automatically made a PDF file for you, so don’t forget to add the instant PDF to your basket when you place your order
  2. Surprise! There is no second step. You're done.

Ready, set, go…

Make your business look bigger with a book:
An interview with Steve Worth of FUEL Creative Group

FUEL Creative Group

FUEL Creative Group, a relatively small creative agency, does branding, website design, signage, packaging, and other print and interactive projects—basically all the things that other, larger agencies do. So how to stand apart from the crowd and become a true powerhouse in the industry? Make a book, a really great book, that showcases the agency’s talents. It’s working for FUEL; their business is bigger than ever.

We spoke to Steve Worth of FUEL and he shared insight into how the agency uses the book, what clients think of it, and how they’ve built their brand.

Blurb: How did you come up with the idea of a book to promote your business?

Steve: “For a long time we were exploring how we could present our expanding design portfolio in a way that was easier to manage that the typical methods (boards, projectors, lightboxes).

We realized that you have about ten minutes to make an impression with clients and messing with projectors wasn’t really efficient. We experimented with a Blurb book and it was quickly apparent that it was the right way to go.”

Blurb: So what was it about the book that impressed clients?

Steve: “The book is unique, the presentation is very professional—people ask all the time how we can afford to make a book like this one. It’s a great way to get our work literally in the client’s hands and let them explore. And finally, I know it sounds really old-school, but it was clear that when a client got the book in hand, they were impressed by the way it 'felt' and they felt extremely comfortable handling it.”

Blurb: What do you think is the main advantage of a book versus a Powerpoint presentation of your work?

Steve: “We can bring multiple copies of the book to a presentation and everyone’s experience flipping through it is unique to that person.

I love the idea that after we leave and the next firm walks in and starts setting up their presentation, our bright red book is usually sitting on the client’s desk.

And the time that the other firm spends cleaning up (gathering story boards, shutting down the projector), we spend connecting with the client.”

Blurb: How did you choose your book’s trim size? Paper?

Steve: “We chose the largest format you allowed at the time and we went with an ImageWrap cover and premium paper. All of these were chosen for maximum quality and effect.”

Blurb: We’ll be honest. Those upgrades cost. Did that deter you at all?

Steve: “Price really wasn’t an issue for us, as each book is meant to land us work, which makes the investment well worth it. We get requests from clients to keep the books—no one throws a nice book out. Imagine your portfolio sitting on a client’s desk for months.

Even if we don’t get the initial job, many potential clients bring us back for second-round interviews and they tell us that the book was the reason we were asked back. A typical project for us can go from $5,000 upwards, so a $100 investment in a book is a no-brainer. I think people react to the professionalism of a book. Going through the effort to create a book shows clients just how seriously you take yourself and how much you value their time. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight.”


Blurb:Final thoughts on Blurb?

Steve: "For FUEL Creative Group, Blurb’s print quality even on very short runs and the ease of making updates as new work comes out makes it the obvious choice for showcasing our work. We couldn’t be happier.”

Plant the seed:
Build your brand with an ebook

Build your brand with an ebook

If you’re running a small business, you’ve probably got a lot on your hands. You’re also probably ready, able, and willing to do more to really make your business take off. Do it with an ebook. They’re incredibly easy to distribute, so you can get the word out about what you do best with very little effort (leaving you time to take care of all that other stuff you have on your hands).

And the best news is they’re incredibly affordable—for just $9.99 you can have a gorgeous ebook to give to everyone in the world (or to keep for an exclusive audience—that part is up to you). See how easy it is to make an ebook that will take your brand to the next level. Plant the seed and watch your business grow.


Make an ebook

Light a fire under your writing career: the Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Conference

From screenplays and children’s books to humor and history, writers of all types will find something at the Writer’s Digest Conference in Los Angeles. Agents will be there to hear pitches, editors will be there to give advice, and the publishing industry will be wide open to authors like you.

Making a great pitch

If you’re thinking of pitching your work to an agent (at this conference or otherwise) can we just modestly say that your own beautiful print book is bound to make the best of impressions? Look, you can tell them your elevator pitch, you can shove a printout of your work at them…or you can present them with a perfectly bound hardcover or softcover book of your idea and look like a boss. It’s up to you.

Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, though. Edit, edit again, and edit yet again. And proofread. (And proofread again. And…you get the point.) Nobody wants a simple typo standing between them and a contract. If you’re not a professional photographer, consider hiring one (at least for your author photo). If you want to be really thorough, print a single proof copy first to make sure everything’s as you like it. Then you’re good to go conquer the world of publishing.

The details:

2013 Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Conference

September 27–29, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

Reserve your spot today.


The worldwide cult of cosplay

Lately we’ve noticed a wave of cosplay books surfacing in the Blurb Bookstore. For the uninitiated, cosplay (short for “costume play”) is a phenomenon that plays out at anime and comic book conventions around the world where fans go to amazingly creative lengths to dress like their favorite characters. And, for a photographer, these gatherings are fertile ground for amazing portraiture opportunities.


Cosplayers Canada - Andreas Schneider

Cosplayers Canada | Andreas Schneider

Photographer Andreas Schneider is Canada’s unofficial cosplay photographer at large. Schndeider goes from show to show, capturing Batgirls, Spider-Men, Sailor Moons (or is that Sailors Moon?), and Transformers. Cosplayers at C2E2 2013 is his fifth cosplay book with Blurb.

Callie Cosplay - John Corley

Callie Cosplay | John Corley

Callie is the alter ego of one Florida-based cosplay fan who’s found a partner-in-crime in photographer John Corley. Callie brings glamor to her intricately designed costumes that turn her into GI Joe’s The Baroness, Tomb Raider’s Laura Croft, and The X-MEN’s Emma Frost.

Neo Cosplay o Livro - Gabriel Dias

Neo Cosplay o Livro | Gabriel Dias

Gabriel Dias, AKA Neo NIGHTS, trains his lens on Brazil’s creative cosplay community. Dias’s 159-page cosplay opus is an action-packed journey into pop culture.


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