Self-published books are blooming all over

Since books aren’t the only things we like to see growing, this week we went back to the garden to get creative inspiration. We reported on a photographic trip to one of the world’s most beautiful gardens. We reached out to gardeners to get tips to help you make your next self-published book a blue-ribbon winner. We even got our hands (metaphorically) dirty and created a gardening book of our very own. See what we dug up this week in the world of creative self-publishing.

(Even if you don’t have a green thumb, read on to get inspired to make a gorgeous passion-project book of your own.)

In this issue:

Make a gardening book

Making a personal gardening book: Here’s how we did it

See how an experienced team of book makers (that’s us here in the Blurb office) created a beautiful custom book—and learn how you can do it yourself.


Grow your own books

Grow more than a garden (and make more then a book)

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is increasingly popular. Discover one of Blurb’s gardening book authors and her experiences and knowledge in print.


Ninfa Garden Book

Gorgeous garden, gorgeous photos, gorgeous book: An interview with the self-published author of Ninfa, Bronwyn Rose

Get garden ideas and see gorgeous garden photography with an interview with Bronwyn Rose, author of Ninfa, self-published with Blurb.



Pressed flowers

Pressing matters: Preserving flowers in books (and making books of preserved flowers)

Make a book with pressed flowers and show off your garden in a book created with Blurb’s self-publishing platform.


Bookstore - Garden books

Green fingers and colorful books

Discover an array of gardening, flower, and landscape books produced by Blurb authors—from small personal plots to famous gardens, pro and amateur photography.