Volume 2014, Issue 10

Green fingers
colorful books


A love for flower gardens or vegetable patches, arranging cut flowers or receiving them—the joy of plants and flowers is a universal one. The authors of the following books share some wonderful floral fodder (and their personal passions) with us.

Patio Garden 2010 - Pam Kelso

Patio Garden 2010
Pam Kelso

Documenting a growing season in a patio garden, this book proves just how much is possible even in smaller spaces. It highlights everything from rock gardens of succulents and container vegetable gardens to wonderfully delicate blooms.

Swarm - Elizabeth Hogeman

Elizabeth Hogeman

With such an ethereal and painterly quality to them, it comes as no surprise that the Elizabeth Hogeman’s photographs were taken in is none other than Claude Monet’s masterpiece garden in Giverny, France.


Impressions of Spring - Rob Badger and Nita Winter

IMPRESSSIONS OF SPRING: Wildflowers of the West on Our Public Lands
Rob Badger and Nita Winter

This book, by internationally awarded and recognized photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter, features imagery (captured over 15 years) of wildflowers in the deserts of Southwestern USA, photographed using only natural light. The results are spectacular.

Flowers - Christine Lalonde

Christine Lalonde

It’s hard to believe the detailed and alluring images in this book were created using real flowers and a flatbed scanner. This experimental technique is as inspiring as it is wholly successful.


Flowers, a portfolio - Sharon Garner

Flowers, a portfolio
Sharon Garner

There’s something reminiscent of the Dutch master painters in these floral portraits by Sharon Garner. Her aim is to inspire us simply to ‘”look” when we see something beautiful in nature.

Flowers - David Smith

David Smith

In his introduction to the book David Smith eloquently describes his interest and “long-standing attraction to flowers as subject matter.” The images that follow pop with vibrancy and rich color.




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