Holidays last forever in a book

Merry Christmas. But before all the presents have been unwrapped and the turkey stuffed and gobbled—and before the entire family falls asleep on the couch—grab your camera and be ready. Now’s the time to capture the spirit of the season—and make your next book.

Make lasting memories this Christmas

Next week we’ll all be in the home stretch of this frantic festive holiday marathon. If you’re someone who celebrates Christmas morning, when most (if not all) of the wrapping and prepping is done, you’ll probably have a glass of egg nog (spiked or not, that’s your business) in one hand. Just make sure a camera is in the other. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture that rarest of breeds—the Wild Christmas Sweater—that only surfaces this time of year. That needs to be documented, along with the Kamikaze Kids (no present is safe from their attacks), the Couch Casualties (the number of these may be linked to your egg nog recipe), and the rest of the feasting and fun.

It’s these annual activities that make Christmas special, and every year is unique in its own way. Another year older and a little more (or less) grown-up, new additions and shared traditions—these precious moments deserve to be captured and remembered.

Our online book-making tool lets you easily turn your collection of holiday pictures into a keepsake—and do it in record time.

Making lasting memories this Christmas
Choose a book size

1. Choose your book size

Choose a style

2. Pick a style (you can also choose from the Designer Collection)

Upload or transfer your images

3. Upload/transfer your images

Now it gets even easier. Drag and drop photos; switch design options simply by clicking the "Change Design" button in the top right-hand corner; play with layout, backgrounds, and photo borders; and add text using the page design buttons conveniently located under the right-hand page of your book. You can create your Christmas memory book on your own, or turn it into a group activity and get everyone involved. Once you (or all of you) are happy, just preview your book, make any final tweaks, and order.



SmugMug - Blurb Partner

Meet SmugMug: A valued Blurb partner

So many of the beautiful books made with Blurb feature gorgeous photography. So we love it when we’re able to introduce our customers to companies that think about photography the same way that we do. We asked our friends at SmugMug to tell you a little bit about who they are and what they do.

Who is SmugMug?
We're an independent, family-run company of photographers and photo-lovers. We come from all over the world, all age groups, and all walks of life. We’re joined together by our crazy happy love of taking photos—and taking care of the people who love doing that, too. We also love dogs, pictures that make you go "wow!", and camera geekery. And we believe in playing hard because we work hard, too.

Why photo websites?
Everyone should have an opportunity to tell, share, and print his or her story. We're all about self-expression and making that expression easy. And you shouldn't have to pick which memories matter most, so we think that everyone should have a safe, protected, reliable way to keep their memories online where the people they love can see them.

Who are we for?
Everyone and anyone who loves to preserve their everyday memories and share them with the world. Whether you're a writer or a photographer, a celebrity or a student, you'll be able to easily create a website that is a true reflection of what you do and who you are. And it will look gorgeous.

How are we different?
We are independent and over 10 years strong, built on family and a shared love of photography. We blend old-fashioned, human customer service with cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology to create a powerful product supported by actual people who will answer your questions. Our Support Heroes are world-famous for their speed, helpfulness, and friendliness, and we’re not at all shy about how great they are. They are artists, moms, dads, photographers, explorers, travelers, and storytellers, just like you. Do you have a problem, burning questions, or an idea for a SmugMug feature request? Tell us. We listen.

What sets SmugMug apart from other photo sites is our warmth and commitment to the customer. Your website should be all about YOU and whatever you put on it, so instead of capping your web space and cluttering it with ads and spam, you get an unlimited, gorgeous website clean of anything but you. Your photos can be huge (we love that!); they’ll stretch perfectly to fit any browser size. This means that viewers with enormous screens can still see your photos edge-to-edge, the way they were meant to be seen.

All SmugMug accounts enjoy fresh, clean, modern layouts and safe storage and backups. We also give our top three account levels deep, site-wide customization—a rarity in the market. In addition to the existing drag-and-drop customization available at SmugMug, you can add your own HTML and CSS, resulting in infinite creative possibilities.

Come see what’s new and start sharing your story at Use the code SMBLURB13 and save 30% off your first year of membership. (Exp. Jan 15, 2014)



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