Writers of the world unite—self-publishers are taking over London

Inspired by the 2014 London Author Fair and our partners at Authoright, we’re taking a close look this week at the future of self-publishing—a future that’s being crafted in London (and around the world). We’re talking to real writers, real editors, real people—oh, and our really impressive CEO. Read on to see how you can get inspired to get your creativity and passion in print (even if you can’t get to London).

In this issue:

London Author Fair

The London Author Fair is here

London Author Fair—the first event of its kind dedicated to unpublished, self-published, and traditionally published authors—co-sponsored by Blurb.


Eileen Gittins - Blurb CEO Interview

Blurb and the rise of self-publishing

Blurb CEO, Eileen Gittins talks self-publishing and the London Author Fair.


London Author Fair - Blurb bookstore

Have books, will travel

Blurb brings inspiration and self-published books to the London Author Fair.


Terry Jackson - Architecture Portfolio Book

Making architecture books (and opening doors)

Make a book, show off your work, get a job. It was almost that simple for London architect Terry Jackson. Read the interview and get book-making tips.