New year, new book (and make it all about you)

Didn’t get a chance to put together one of those end-of-the-year letters to friends and family? Or maybe you pulled it off (and good for you!) but want to improve on your masterpiece? Here’s where we come in. We’ll walk you step-by-step through organizing your favorite photos of 2013 into a book to show off your year—and make it permanent. A letter stuck to the fridge door is one thing, but a custom book made by you is quite another. (And they don’t have to know how easy it was to make with Blurb—we won’t tell them if you won’t.)


Digital delights—incredible ebooks

As part of Digital Book Month we’ve been having a nosey in the bookstore to see what wonders you’ve been busy creating and we’ve unearthed some fantastic examples we’d like to share with you. From seriously creative cupcakes, to poems, flash fiction, essays, art photography and a play—all in one book, Beekeeping, infrared photography and more. Whet your creative appetites and ponder the possibilities…

Cupcake Charm - Joanne Ong

Cupcake Charm | Joanne Ong

Tokyo Color - Jennifer Pierce

TOKYO COLOR | Jenifer Pierce


Fall: A Love Story - Melysa Martinez

Fall: A Love Story | Melysa Martinez

Treecycle - Anne Cutler

TREECYCLE | Anne Cutler

Street B - Ed Swinden

Street B | Ed Swinden


make a 2013's

Gather, create, order—Make a book celebrating your greatest moments of 2013

Another year has come and gone, and with it lots of memories worth preserving. Memories you’ll want to look back on. Moments you’ll never forget. Right about now it’s time to give yourself a nice pat on the back for spending the better part of 2013 snapping photos left, right, and center. In less time than you think, you can gather your favorite shots, create a book, and have a beautiful printed document of the year delivered to your door.

Gather images

Select your favorite shots from the past year, being sure to include a range of events across all seasons.

Organize shots

Organize your shots sequentially in the order the events happened. Be sure to name image files in order as well, so that when you upload them, you’ll be able to flow images in according to file name. (Example: 2013BestMomentsBook.1.jpg)

Download BookSmart

Download our free book-making tool, BookSmart.


Choose your book size, name your book, and choose your default layout type.

Upload photos

Flow in your photos. You can rearrange them once they’re in layout too.


Play around a little. Alternate layouts depending on the event or number of photos you want to see per page. Mix it up a little.


Once complete, be sure to do a solid proof. And better yet, get it in front of another pair of eyes. Fix any typos or mistakes.

Order Away