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Summer’s great, but we feel like autumn is an absolutely delightful time of year for introspection and true creativity. We’re a little artistic like that, and we bet you are, too.

So take this time to celebrate the poetry of your daily life—a fallen leaf on the ground, a puddle reflecting your face, a moment in time. Explore some absolutely poetic books made with Blurb and get inspired to turn your own words and images into something truly, truly beautiful.

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Embrace autumn–and follow in the footsteps of some of our greatest poets

Many of poetry’s greats have drawn on the magic of these months to inspire them, creating powerful and enduring works—Robert Frost, John Keats and Paul Verlaine, to name but a few–and it’s easy to see why. From dramatic skies and misted landscapes, to the burnished-copper and yellows of decaying forests and woodland.

If you can, get outside and roam carefree in the park for a moment, free your mind and allow yourself a little time to be inspired by the change in the seasons–or read an autumnal poem or two–and join us in serenading autumn.

Whether penning a seasonal sonnet or exploring free verse, collating a selection of autumnal photographs or objects that embody the season, you can elevate your efforts to great effect with a book–many inspiring examples of which can be found in the bookstore.

And just as you play with word selection and sentence structure–consider how your page layouts and the colors and fonts you choose can evoke a sense of the season. Simply with pictures alone, words and pictures, or just with words and a choice layout, you can create your very own powerful and enduring work.

In the words of Robert Frost–“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”—and magic is when your thoughts and words have found their format, in a Blurb book.

The Greatest Poets


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Collection of collections

Things I Loved But Did Not Love Enough

Things I Loved But Did Not Love Enough
Kamryn Harmeling

Plant, grow, enjoy. Such is the case of nature and, hopefully, our relationships. Which is exactly what’s explored in these pages. We have, we lose, and we purposely leave behind. Nature takes its course, and so do we. (Poetic, isn’t it?)

Maps & Poems - Tessa West

Maps & Poems
Tessa West

Travel far and wide with Tessa West’s collection of secondhand maps and free verse. She has a lovely ability to draw a line between a location on the map and the country’s terrain, helping you get lost along the way. So why not explore your wanderlust in the most unique way possible?

Soundtrack to my life - Ferdi Rodriguez

The Soundtrack to my Life
Ferdi Rodriguez

Trying not to take it all too seriously? So is the author of this creative and entertaining compilation. Based on the number one Billboard hit on his birthday each year, he put together a few poetic lines. Sure, he’s poking fun. But every now and again, prose can afford to lighten up.


Poems on the Bus - Juliette Jeanclaude

Poems on the Bus
Juliette Jeanclaude

Spend your morning commute checking emails? So did the author, until she ditched email and spent her bus ride each morning waxing on about the stations she passed, and the words she heard. Complete with lovely illustrations, it’s hard not to relate a little all too well to her morning musings.

Magnetics - Miguel Jacq

Miguel Jacq

A second collection of work, Magnetics ponders the relationship between man and machine. Between truth and lies. Between reason and insanity. Both literal and abstract, the dialogue easily lifts off the page and into the reader’s mind.

I Take Your Poems to the Mountains

I Take Your Poems to the Mountains
Doug Westendorp

Not all chapter and verse, this collection of short poems is the perfect before-bedtime read. From the moon to the trees, the words make us feel as though we should be on our very own journey of self-discovery. Or, more accurately, in bed reading.


Sound and vision: Creating rich media poetry books

Poetry is written, sure, but it’s also an art of sounds. Rhythm, rhyme, intonation—these things are unique to poetry and it’s hard to write poetry without speaking it aloud. And listening to a poet read—say, Allen Ginsberg reading “California Supermarket”—is a truly unique experience.

Ginsberg did his recordings the old-school way, on record and tape. But now enhanced ebooks offer a way for poets to bring their own voices right into their work. Just drag and drop audio or video into your ebook and you can create a poetry book that brings out your voice. It’s something that several Blurb poets have done already. For instance, the authors of Iceland Stories incorporated their voices as well as soundscapes and travel video to create an immersive reading and viewing experience.

So, next time you’re reading your poetry, or writing it, tap the record button on your smart phone (you’ll get even better results with an external microphone). Capture the sounds around you and bring people even further into your poet’s world.

Rich media poetry books


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