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When it comes to really special, thoughtful gifts, there’s nothing like a gorgeous book made with Blurb’s creative publishing platform. And while it’s not too late to create a book of your own this year (though you better hurry; our last shipping deadline is just around the corner), there’s another way Blurb can help you make this the best holiday season ever. The Blurb Bookstore has a huge, amazing selection of self-published books across a wide range of genres.

To help you select the perfect gift, we’ve put together a one-of-a-kind collection of one-of-a-kind books that some seriously creative authors, illustrators, and photographers have created with Blurb. Trying to stick to a budget? Aren’t we all, aren’t we all. That’s why we’ve sorted these wonderful books by price; figure out how much you want to spend and find a book in that price range.

From books of high-end photography to comics to cookbooks to memoirs and beyond, there’s sure to be something here for every single person on your list.

Happy browsing—and happy gift-giving—from Blurb.

Under $20

100 Lessons on the Meaning of Life

100 Lessons on the Meaning of Life in 100 Words or Less | Roger Horberry

Each of these lessons discusses the meaning of life (yikes!) from a different perspective, ranging from philosophy to theology to literature. The result? A thought-provoking compendium of humanity’s most profound (and goofy) reflections on The Big Question, perfect for the deep thinkers and literature lovers on your list.

Maps and Poems - Tessa West

Maps and Poems | Tessa West

Travel far and wide all over the globe with Tessa West’s collection of secondhand maps and free verse. She has a lovely ability to draw a line between a location on the map and the country’s terrain, helping you get lost along the way. Maps and Poems explores wanderlust in the most unique way possible.


Inky - Lara Geltz

Inky | Lara Geltz

Here’s the question: Will Inky the duck find some friends? We’re not telling. Beautiful illustrations created with pen and watercolor take the lead and deliver a great story inspired by real-life pets and animals.

Tiny Horses Are Everywhere

Tiny Horses Are Everywhere | Thea Lux

Looking for a gift book that’s outside the box (and the tiny stable)? We just love Tiny Horses Are Everywhere, a magical book made with Blurb. Simple in idea, delightful in execution, this book exposes the world of—you guessed it—tiny horses.

Susie Goes Into the Garden

Susie Goes into the Garden | Beverley Watts

One of a series of six books (and counting), Susie Goes into the Garden encourages children to interact and help Susie the dog find common objects and animals throughout the story. Children will love the colorful illustrations, simple questions, and most of all, Susie.


Under $40

Flower Love - Yana Mikho-Misho

Flower Love | Yana Mikho-Misho

Perfect for gardening enthusiasts and romantics alike, Flower Love by Yana Mikho-Misho is composed of Instagram photos of the word “love” spelled out with leftovers from the natural world. Flower petals, grass, ferns—even a butterfly—form the loops and lines of letters. It’s amazingly inventive, as each page reveals a startlingly new arrangement, and a new look at love.

Who are you going to be today, Olive?

Who are you going to be today, Olive? | Marisa Haedike

A fantastic children’s book about a little bird who wanted to be special, but learned something even better—how to be herself. The illustrations are charming, the story is heartwarming, and the lesson is sweet, simple, and honest.

Recipes from Happy-Land: Spain 2013

Recipes from Happy-Land: Spain 2013 | Michael Skoglund

Michael Skoglund spent a year exploring the flavors of Spain. In Recipes from Happy-Land, Skoglund intertwines recipes, blog posts from his stay, and sumptuous food photography. This one will inspire anyone to cook with Spanish flair.


Under $60

Sketchbooks - Raylene R. Gorum

Sketchbooks, Volume One | Raylene R. Gorum

The pages of Raylene Gorum’s sketchbooks are more interesting than many artists’ finished work. Her simultaneously spare and grungy style is like a romp through the artist’s catalog of inspiration. Gorum’s ink, Polaroid, tape, and pen-based illustrations touch on Brooklyn mainstays that speak to art, imagination, and creativity lovers worldwide.

Ten Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Book

Ten Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Book | Jane Legate

Wedding photographer Jane Legate shows you how to select and improve your wedding pictures, choose layouts and typefaces, use color in borders and backgrounds—in short, everything you need to create the perfect wedding memento. This book gives lots of great tips, such as gathering wedding pictures from your friends and family as well as from a professional photographer. It's a do-it-yourself guide to creating a beautiful (and inexpensive) wedding book.

Fallen Princesses - Dina Goldstein

Fallen Princesses | Dina Goldstein

Cinderella’s a barfly. Snow White’s prince just watches the races. Rapunzel loses her hair. This is what happens when “happily ever after” just doesn’t happen. Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses showcases her unique photographic compositions that construct alternate endings to certain well-known fairy tales. The book has been featured on the Huffington Post, the BBC, CTV TV, Fotografi, and the Sunday Times Magazine. The book also includes essays and a history of the project. It’s a uniquely empowering take on the princess story for princess enthusiasts on your list.


$60 and up

Thailand Street Markets - Sabino Parente

Thailand Street Markets | Sabino Parente

Looking for a gift for the traveler/shopper on your list? There’s perhaps no place with more commercial variety than a Thailand street market. Photographer Sabino Parente takes us through market stalls filled with fish, octopuses, insects, circuit boards, spools of wire, and exotic animals in photographs bristling with color and detail.

Leo Packs - Carolina Paiz

Leo Packs | Carolina Paiz

Get the little ones on your list counting in style with Leo the lion. Wonderful, colorful illustrations are stitched together with rhyming verse—kids can even have some fun adding faces to the blank areas in the book.

Journeys in Slides - Jaydeep Reddy

Journeys in Slides | Jaydeep Reddy

Want a gift that speaks to family (and takes them around the world)? Author Jaydeep Reddy turned slides of his grandfather's travels around Europe in the 60s and 70s into a book that brings forth ideas of discovery and creativity and showcases hidden sides of European cities in years gone by. Perfect for the explorers and vintage style lovers on your list.


Want to browse even more books that we think are pretty incredible? Check out this Blurb-staff-curated list of personal favorites.



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