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Join the greats—or just please yourself—with a poetry book of your own.

Whether you’ve got a private journal of your deepest thoughts, hundreds of sonnets and free verse, or the next breakthrough volume of visual poetry, Blurb can help you get your poetry into bookstore-quality print—easily. There’s no need to worry about upfront costs or restrictive, expensive packages when our books start at just (perfectly priced to sell at your readings). Use our simple, elegant layouts (or create your own) to place your words and images anywhere you want and publish a book of your poems and imagery that’s pocket-sized-small or coffee-table-big. What can we say? We think it’s beautiful.

Save yourself 1,000 words: Add images. (And sound. And video.)

Blurb’s book-making tools make it incredibly easy to format your text and to add gorgeous images to complement your work. From stark black-and-white photos to eye-catching color, you can ornament your poems with as much imagery as you want. The next level? Easily turn your print book of poems into an ebook, and enhance it with photos, music, videos—even audio recordings of you reading. It's an elegant (and easy) way to distribute your work.

Poetry doesn’t just soothe the savage breast—it can make money

Get the recognition your talent deserves. Blurb Direct Sell gives you a Personal Storefront to use on your own website, blog, or Facebook page, so you can reach out directly to fans and friends. Blurb to Amazon makes it easy to sell photo paper books on Amazon.com. For trade books, the Global Retail Network makes your book available to stores online and around the world. You can also publish reflowable ebooks for the Kindle® and fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad®.

Lovely, lyrical, life-changing books of poetry from Blurb authors

Adrian Lane

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David S. Rose


Design + words = pure poetry: A perfect home for visual poetry

The world of visual poetry is rich and diverse (acrostics, calligrams, etc.), and it’s a wonderful match for Blurb’s completely customizable graphically-rich book layouts. Our tools give you absolute freedom to express yourself any way you want to—the page is a blank space you can fill exactly to your liking. Here’s some inspiration to get your creativity sparked.

Change up your medium.
Paper is just the beginning. When you’re composing your poetry, consider working on glass, cardboard, wood, or any flat (or flattish) surface. You’ll be surprised how it can change your perspective. Then just take a photo and upload it into our book-making tools in a flash. You can even work within a collage format.

Start shapeshifting.
Write out your poem as it comes to you. Then think about how you can use a shape—a geometric shape, a silhouette, anything—to help flesh out the story or feeling you’re trying to convey. Then use our tools to fit your words to that shape. Instant visual magic.

Find your type.
Different fonts are just the beginning. Get bold. Head into italics. PUT YOUR CAPS ON. Even change up the color and the size. All are great ways to add emphasis and context to your words.

Space out.
We’re keeping our spacing regular on this page, but there’s no need to do that with your poems. The length of your phrases, the spaces between the words, the spaces between the lines, and the orientation of your lines (horizontal can be awfully constraining, don’t you think?) can add meaning.

Inspiration by the book: How to get your book off the ground

You’ve got the imagination and the passion. Now turn those intangibles into a real-life book you can hold in your hands. Here are some simple tricks to help you make your poetry book.

Choose your best work.
Whether you love all your poems or you’re your work’s harshest critic, you still need to decide which poems work together best. Remember, your first book can always lead to more volumes with different themes.

Inspire a feeling.
Decide what you want your reader to get out of your books. Do you want to lead them on a journey? Give them a poem a day, 365 days a year? Encourage them to pick up your book and read a poem or two as the mood strikes them? Make sure you’ve got a clear path for people to follow.

Check. Check. And check again.
Let your feelings inspire you, but make sure your book is as perfect as it can be. Proofread carefully and double-check your layout. Better yet, have a friend (or a professional) copyedit and proofread your book. That said, if you want to make a change or an update, it’s easy to edit your book and order new copies.

Choose your format (or don’t).
Have an idea in your head of what your book will look like. From a slim book that can be slipped into a purse or pocket to a 12 x 12, library-ready hardcover masterpiece to a treat for the iPad, we’ve got a wide range of formats that are perfect for poetry. Can’t decide? Don’t. You can publish a single book across a range of sizes and formats with just a couple of clicks.




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