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Are you a world traveler? A storyteller? The neighborhood’s greatest chef? From children’s books to how-to books, from books of poetry to books about science, from sports to cooking to hobbies, all kinds of experts and all kinds of book projects are a perfect match for Blurb. Think of Blurb as the perfect book-making machine that gives you freedom to express your passion and creativity (and make money if you want to).

Put it together.
Our seriously powerful book-making tools help you capture your passion and expertise in words and images by creating your own world-class print and ebooks. Blurb BookWright™ is purpose-built for indie publishing, packed with layout options and capable of capturing your ideas in a bookstore-quality printed book, an ebook, or both. BookWright can import manuscripts in RTF format and even provides an ISBN for each edition, free of charge. If you’re a design professional, our plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® has everything you need to produce a print or ebook to Blurb’s precise specs with minimal fuss. Check out all of our tools and find the one that’s right for you.

Get it out there.
Print-on-demand flexibility and killer volume discounts add up to the perfect weapon for authors. If you need a lot of copies, our offset printing offers lower per-unit costs and more customization. We can keep all those books manageable with our warehouse and fulfillment service.

Blurb offers three print distribution options to help you reach your readers. Blurb Direct Sell puts your book directly in front of your audience through your own website, blog, or Facebook page. Blurb to Amazon makes it easy to sell your your photo paper book on for maximum reach. For trade books, you can use the Global Retail Network to tap into the distribution power of the Ingram Content Group and make your book available to retailers worldwide.

You can make a reflowable ebook at the same time as your print book, then upload and sell it through Amazon’s Kindle Store. Publish a beautiful fixed-layout ebook for the iPad that preserves your page design and layout. Or publish a PDF version. It’s all part of Blurb’s complete indie publishing platform.

Ideas and tips to get you started on your book

Here are just three examples of the many different kinds of books you can create with your passion and expertise and our creative publishing platform.

Chicabee | Andrew M Lueck

Children's books
Thousands of authors (and by that we mean people just like you) have made incredibly creative children’s books with our creative publishing platform over the years. It’s not quite as easy as waving a magic wand, but it’s more fun.

A French Safari | Kate Paneros

Travel books
You can’t bring everyone with you, but you can share what you loved about a place in a one-of-a-kind travel book. Blurb’s book-making tools are uniquely capable of handling both text and images, so you can tell your story the way you want (that’s how you travel, right?).

Wrightfood | Matthew Wright

Food books
Cookbooks, recipe collections, culinary memoirs—any book you can make about food—are great ways to get creative with Blurb. Make something amazing, discover a new taste, take some pictures, and show it all off.



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