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Meet some authors who have made headlines with amazing, eye-catching, astonishing books—all made with Blurb. Have you made a Blurb book that’s making waves? Email us the details and we’ll make some noise about it (and you).

Sydney Morning Herald |
January 02, 2015
General Thinker: Author Remo Giuffre thinks outside the box
“Remo Giuffre isn't quite sure what to call himself. Creative strategist, general thinker, design communicator, former retailer, husband, lover, father, friend. ...It's quite liberating not knowing much about him. He's here in this guise to spruik his book General Thinker. Personal memoir, part catalogue, part design guide. It's a book that's again, much like him.”
Daily Mail |
December 28, 2014
Photographer makes children's dreams of becoming bakers, cricketers and fairies come true in magical portraits

“We should be encouraging our children to play, and explore their minds and imagination, and arm them with the confidence and tools to march forward in life and become the person they want to be and not think the only thing that matters is how you look for a photo. This is what producing this book has done for me.” [...] Part of the proceeds of Vicki's book will go to Little Princess Trust, a charity supported by Jessie J, which provides wigs for children suffering hair loss.

Feature Shoot |
August 28, 2014
Female Photographer Imagines Her Life With Dozens of Different Partners in ‘Self Portraits With Men’
“Pepe’s photographs are disarming in their nonchalant subtly, the artist possessing an uncanny ability to become a seamless member of each family... Despite the often immediately recognizable archetypes present, Pepe inhabits each one fully. As single photographs, you cannot spot the stranger.”
Huck Magazine |
June 02, 2014
Giorgio Giussani: My Life in Analogue

“I also started publishing a collection of books called Around the World with a Toy Camera and each edition is compromised of analogue photography from a specific place. The first one is about London street art and the second is based around my trip to Chernobyl. I am also working on a separate book that is purely about my experiments in destroying films with chemicals.”

PC Magazine: SecurityWatch |
April 21, 2014
Cynja: A Cybersecurity Superhero

“Cynja is a graphic novel tackling cybersecurity concepts in a way 6-12 year old kids can understand. The goal is admirable. The recent breaches and malware outbreaks are proof that we need a more security-savvy population as we become more and more enmeshed in the digital world. [...] Cynja explains basic security concepts—such as botnets and zombies—by appealing to kids' fascination with superheroes. [...] Just over-the-top enough to have kids go, 'Cool!'”

aPhotoEditor |
April 08, 2014
The Daily Edit: Ian Spanier

“...Blurb offered a printed magazine and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to print out a few copies for meetings and whatnot. I ordered about 20 copies and was amazed at the quality, and as well, the members of Team Braveheart (subjects in the first issue personal project) all wanted copies as well. I was able to send them the link to Blurb and there they could order their own copy.”

New York Times: “Lens” Blog |
April 07, 2014
An Anointing in Shadows and Light

Photographer John Edmonds discusses his "Tethered" project in an interview with the New York Times. Edmonds' previous project, OVERFLOW, was self-published through Blurb and is available in the Blurb bookstore.

Dewsbury Reporter (Yorkshire, England) |
April 06, 2014
Wartime letters inspire biography

“While clearing her late aunt’s flat, Margaret Sheard found a cache of old letters dating from 1943. Put together, they charted the life and times of Kathleen Mary Sheard, from Roberttown. And now Margaret has written a book, Kay, in tribute to the aunt who became an MBE through her work for the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service.”

Esquire |
April 2014
Walk around New York City All Night

Dan Wagner's gritty, black and white street photography of Manhattan in the wee hours accompanies Ryan D'Agostino's narrative of a night wandering the city streets, one of Esquire Magazine's "83 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies."

The Getty Trust |
March 26, 2014
Getty Museum Acquires Sixty-Six Photographs By Contemporary Artist Arthur Tress

The J. Paul Getty Museum announced today the acquisition of sixty-six gelatin silver prints created between 1968-1977 by contemporary photographer Arthur Tress (American, born 1940). The acquisition primarily includes staged images of children from the artist’s series The Dream Collector (1972) and Theater of the Mind (1976). “Arthur Tress’s images of children in dream-like scenes are captivating, disquieting, and wholly original,” explains Timothy Potts, director of the J. Paul Getty Museum. “These are the first photographs by Tress to enter the Getty’s collection, and add depth and range to the theme of staged photography already in our collection.”

Tress has published more than two dozen books with Blurb. We congratulate him on this important acquisition.

Antisparkle Blog |
February 26, 2014
Chase the Stars With Heather of Poppy Haus

“I love having books to hold my work, because the things that I make are so permanent and physical, and I want to have a physical way to communicate what I do, and what my blog is about... I use them as portfolios. Blurb is the best platform for creatives to make their own books, because of the quality of their materials, and because Blurb's bookmaking software is so visual and intuitive.”

Yorkshire Post |
January 26, 2014
Images from voyage into a frozen world

“An iceberg graveyard, a volcanic island and a close encounter with a 40ft hump-backed whale were just three of the highlights that Farndale sheep farmer and photographer Dave Mead experienced last year... The photographs he returned home with were of such definition and spectacular subject matter that his first book is now available.”

Journal Review Online (Crawfordsville, IN) |
December 14, 2013
Local author Gallagher has book published

“When I write, I think about the stories my grandmother would tell me,” Gallagher said. “She was a wonderful storyteller. With my book I want people to know what life was like in a simpler time. I think my grandmother would be happy I wrote the book.”

San Jose Mercury News |
December 12, 2013
The Seasoned Collector: Books for antiques buffs

“Bottle fanciers and folks enamored with the history of the San Jose area will want to order 19th Century San Jose in a Bottle, by Almaden Valley resident Tobin Gilman... Gilman's passion for his glass artifacts is infectious. And it's neat what they reveal about our past. Joel Gringorten's crisp photos add to the book's appeal.”

Times Ledger |
November 22, 2013
Self-published books showcase western Queens scenes

“Two photographers in western Queens have released photo books about their neighborhoods, and both are self-published but at different ends of the spectrum. Using an online platform called Blurb, they have produced interesting looks at Long Island City and neighboring Sunnyside.”

Lillooet News |
November 20, 2013
New book tells the story of BC Rail’s rock gang

“Nobody thought to write a book about the men who clear and maintain railway tracks, venturing out in the midst of storms and floods to keep the track open and the trains running. Until Now. [Gary Sim] describes the book as his ‘longest-running unfinished project,’ noting that it took 18 years to complete.”

Great Falls Tribune |
November 01, 2013
A white urban observer's images meets a reservation Indian's poetry in new book

“[Sue] Reynolds, from Walnut Creek, Calif., has been on an eight-summer odyssey to build relationships with Native Americans across Montana and the Northern Plains. ‘Still Here is about survival and resurrection in the face of long odds,’ she wrote. ‘It is a journey to hidden peoples. It is holding a prayer in one’s hands, glimpsing the truth beneath our feet, hearing ancient songs.’” |
October 11, 2013
Mitsu Yoshikawa captures Stow Lake

“‘There is a momentum to taking a picture, even in landscape,’ Yoshikawa said, lifting his head out from under the black blanket behind his camera. ‘It takes skill to capture it. I have to figure out what is the most effective, strongest way of expressing an image. The same as taking someone's portrait.’”

La Jolla Light |
October 06, 2013
La Jollans in the Limelight

“A photo book documenting the infamous New York City Halloween parade by former La Jollan Scott Laperruque was released on Sept. 20. Available by demand, Treaters: Greenwich Village Halloween Parade 1982 to 1986 shows the costumes, floats, and large scale puppets that roamed the streets on Halloween during the Greenwich Village Parade in New York City.”

Free Times |
September 25, 2013
Sean Rayford Captures the Moment

“With unruly hair pulled back behind a bandanna and a standard-issue uniform of worn-out jeans and a plaid shirt, Sean Rayford is not necessarily the kind of photographer one might expect to be publishing books. To some, he might look more like a dive-bar bartender (which he is) than a professional photographer (which he also is).”

Tri-City News |
September 04, 2013
I don't look when I'm painting, dream artist says

When Montreal artist Kim Vergil paints, she tries not to look. “I stay as detached as possible. I’m trying not to let the ego paint for me,” she said. And after she’s done, a big part of her process is standing back, flipping it upside and listening to what the images have to say. “That’s when you discover what it’s all about. You’re finding the story and the dream within it.”

Adobe TV |
August 13, 2013
A Classic Story

Adobe profiles illustrator May Parsey, who added her unique spin on a children’s classic using Adobe's Creative Cloud and Blurb.

Huffington Post |
August 08, 2013
'Fallen Princesses': Dina Goldstein's Work Explores The Dark Side

“Happily Ever After? Not for Dina Goldstein, a Vancouver photographer whose work exploring the darker side of the Disney princess story is garnering international attention.”

Aeroplane Monthly |
June 25, 2013
Gold Star Aces Volumes I and II

“Of note is that these books are printed to order, although that hasn’t made them much more expensive to mass-produced publications. This pair of volumes would be a great addition to any historian’s collection.”

Cool Hunting |
March 26, 2013
Interview: Chris Brown of Refueled Magazine

“Publishing is about experiencing something and sharing that experience with others—in your own voice. Whether you choose to connect to that experience digitally or through ink on paper is personal. I believe there is room for both.”

New York Times: “Lens” Blog |
March 08, 2013
One Cat, Three Lives

“Hiroyuki Ito went off to Brazil with dreams of being the next great documentary photographer. He came home tired and sick. The call to join Magnum never came. Yet the same day he was ill in Rio de Janeiro, a cat was born in New York City. Before long, in one of those twists, Hiroyuki — a carefree art student — had better luck with the cat than with his camera. A tale of the kitten being father to the man.”

WYTV ABC 33—Youngstown, OH |
February 22, 2013
Testament Book Interview

A televised interview with Michael Jones, author of Testament: An Exploration of Steubenville & Weirton Steel.

Morning Star (UK) |
December 24, 2012
From apartheid deadlands to triumph over oppression

Books of the Year, 2012: “Kaffir Dog is a remarkable and evocative work of memory, both living and reconstructed. It is tempting to compare it to Proust, yet Giannone's memories are almost anti-Proustian in their recollection of a confusing and restrictive upbringing.”

Alarm |
October 29, 2012
Cramp, Slash & Burn: Punk and glam through the lens of rock photographer John Scarpati

“During the 1980s in Los Angeles, [John Scarpati] was the music photographer, an anthropologist of the Sunset Strip, his lens documenting the fashion, sounds, and faces in the era of outrageous musical fashion.…The essays that go along with Scarpati’s photographs are illuminating. Anecdotes and praise flow free-form into an oral history of a decade in the life of both music and a man perfectly placed to document it.”

Stupefaction |
October 17, 2012
Low Fidelity—The Photographs of Bobby Grossman 1975–1983

“The recently published Low Fidelity—The Photographs of Bobby Grossman 1975–1983 is a hugely credible addition to the steadily growing collection of catalogs, books & films looking back at the mid-70's thru mid-80's. Bobby Grossman definitely pushes the envelope of hip.”