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We’re just here to talk about food

Books about food are where our authors get truly creative. From obscure family recipes to free-wheeling food trucks to cuisine from the oddest corners of the world, Blurb authors use our wide-open templates and freedom of format to delight, inform, and innovate. Your food blog, your shots of favorite meals, your restaurant’s cookbook, your labor of love—it’s all on the menu.

Join us at our table and get in the conversation about the most cutting edge food books around—yours.




Step into our kitchen: Mouth-watering books made with Blurb

This is what we’re talking about. Here is a small selection of some of our favorite books about food (and drink, and culinary culture, and…you get the picture) made with Blurb over the years. We think they’re quite a treat.

Food books - 3pm breaks

3 P.M. Breaks | Alynn Teo
Deceptively simple, this is a book about the way we recoup from the day’s pressures. As the author describes it, “Little joys can never be simpler—put a little thought into your tea breaks, and be amazed by its therapeutic effect.” It’s a book as much about food as it is about the way we should live.

Food books - Junk food

Junkfood | Stacy Newgent
To read Stacy Newgent’s book is to realize that “Junkfood” can be good food. These aren’t the snacks found at your local fast-food joint. This is good food, really good food when it’s made with family: Taco soup, veggie pizza, “fried biscuits with holes” (aka doughnuts). Yes, please!

Food books - Story Eat Retreat

The Story of Eat Retreat | Laura Brunow Miner
Looking to build community around local food? Eat Retreat could be a blueprint for you. Available as a printed book or enhanced ebook, it’s one part cookbook, one part food philosophy, and one part celebration of a the beauty of eating local.

Food books - Comforts from home

Comforts from Home | Rachel Martin
Comfort food gets a beautifully rustic treatment in Rachel Martin’s Comforts from Home. And it’s a book as much about her family as it is about the food. With photography rich in texture and rustic charm, and recipes ranging from Shugie’s Chop Suey to Make You Feel Better Chicken Soup, it’s an appealing guide to cozy cuisine.


Food books - Addictions

Addictions | Meagan Klementowski
Meagan Klementowski’s Addictions is a concise baking manual that takes the aspiring baker through the tools and must-have ingredients required to make scrumptious treats. As a skilled baker and food photographer, Klementowski has created a book that’s sweet, sumptuous, and anything but fat free.

Food books - My family and food

My Family & Food | Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes sets the bar for the family cookbook with My Family & Food. Beautifully photographed and designed, it traces Holmes’s family through their culinary specialties. Despite personal nature of the book, the traditionally American recipes—Green Bean Casserole, Damn Good Potatoes, Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna—will feed the nostalgic appetite.

Food books - Polska Kuchnia

Polska Kuchnia | Anna Pabian
Polska Kuchnia means, simply, Polish cooking. Think it’s all cabbage and kielbasa? Anna Plabian, along with her daughter, graphic designer Alex Plabian, will have you thinking differently about this cuisine.

Food books - Enjoyment of rice

On the Enjoyment of Rice | Jessie Ning
On the Enjoyment of Rice is a cookbook designed to change the notion that rice is a side dish. Elegantly presented in both English and Japanese, this book offers up recipes ranging from Black Rice Porridge to Golden Steamed Short Ribs. Beyond just a collection of recipes, it’s an appreciation of this most basic staple.


Food books - Hidden kitchens Texas

Hidden Kitchens Texas | The Kitchen Sisters
Travel with National Public Radio’s The Kitchen Sisters as they take you from food trucks to barbeque pits. Meet the daughter of the man who invented the Frito, get Robin Right Penn’s recipe for Sweet Potato Crunch, and more. Top it all off with a foreword by Willie Nelson, and you’ll get a unique insight into a truly American cuisine.

Food books - Memories from in the kitchen

Memories from the Kitchen | LeAnn Bennett
Food, family, and history are inextricably entwined, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in LeAnn Bennett’s Memories from the Kitchen. The book is brimming with rough-hewn authenticity, from the hand-written recipe that adorn each recipe, to the dog-eared photos sprinkled throughout. Perfectly homey. Perfectly delicious.

Food books - Mason Jar Cocktails

Mason Jar Cocktails | Rob Krass
Forget fancy stemware, nothing in this book is served “up.” But these summer-ready cocktail recipes are designed to be mixed and consumed in the classic Mason jar. The recipes are sourced from some of the country’s best mixologists. As a bonus, an appendix includes directions for making your own sours, bitters, and garnishes.

Food books - Easy peasy lemon squueezy

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Guide to Student Cooking | Zoe Heslop
A student’s gotta eat. The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Guide to Student Cooking is an approachable, illustrated compendium of time- and budget-friendly recipes, from Stir Fry to Simple Lemon Salmon.



Food for inspiration: Meet some of our favorite food writers and publications

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