Blurb Swatch Kit

The right paper makes all the difference. Order a swatch kit to see for yourself.

Get it right on the first try—no cost to book-makers!

Before you make your book, order a swatch kit for . You'll get a promo code that lets you apply the cost of the swatch kit (minus any applicable taxes) toward your book purchase.

Sometimes seeing is believing

Sometimes seeing is believing

Get a feel for how text and photos actually print with both color and black and white images. The kit includes paper samples for all format types:

  • Photo Books: Standard
  • Photo Books: Premium (Matte & Lustre)
  • Photo Books: ProLine (Uncoated & Semi-gloss)
  • Trade Books: Standard printing
  • Trade Books: Economy printing
  • Magazine: Premium printing and paper
  • Magazine: Standard printing and paper

(promo code for same amount provided for use toward book purchase)

"When I was designing my first Blurb book, I wanted some way of experiencing both the paper's tactile qualities and how the photos would look when printed. This new swatch kit takes the guesswork out of the process."

Jeffrey Luke, photographer