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We Don't Choose It - Poetry pocket and trade book
By Harold Ackerman (rotopex)
An Art of Life - Self-Improvement photo book
By Merijn Panhuijsen (OverbeekS)
Freedom of Choice Choosing Equality - Biographies & Memoirs photo book
By Carl E (Jones) Willis (willisce)
My Modern Woman - Religion & Spirituality pocket and trade book
By Giscard Nazon (giscardnazon)

Different Directions - Education pocket and trade book
By Helen Goetz and Esther Goetz (brightideas)
Behind Closed Doors - Arts & Photography photo book
By Sarah Dyreng (sdyreng)

Truth - Poetry photo book
By Stephan Scharmacher (sscharmacher)
On Religion - Poetry photo book
By Steven Ray Johns (stevenjohns)

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