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A Knightly Tale - Children pocket and trade book
By Alison and Matthew Mickelson (acmickelson)
A Knight in Dakota - Biographies & Memoirs pocket and trade book
By Sir Magnus Olafson (robertmagnus)
Poet's Talismans - Fine Art Photography photo book
By Amy Bellezza (pfennig16)

Jeff is a Knight - Children photo book
By Jeff Charlton (asphodelblad)
Travelling Light - Arts & Photography photo book
By Sam Knight (RiversOfSand)
Augment - Portfolios photo book
By Marco Brunelleschi (marcobubon)

Megan and Josh Knight - Wedding photo book
By Travis Paradis, Colorwheel (CWIG)
Κάστρα στην Ελλάδα - Travel photo book
By Μιλτιάδης Τσαπόγας και Νικόλαος ... (solonaimonas)
The House on the Rock - Arts & Photography photo book
By Kyle Hanson (Kye35)

CAMÉLÉONS/CHAMELEON - Comics & Graphic Novels photo book
By Geneviève Guénette et Bernard Leduc (autourdubloc)

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