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Just Goofing Around - Arts & Photography magazine and brochure
By Paul Stuempel (paulstuempel)
Tales of Bonduelle - Humor pocket and trade book
By Matthias Zahniser (Maddmatthias)
ASK ME ABOUT MY WEINER ! -a dachshund story- - Humor photo book
By By: Carrie Mesiar and Rachel Wilke (cmesiar)
DISNEY DREAM - Travel photo book
By Mama Riquelme (riquelme7473)

Poemetry - Poetry pocket and trade book
By Sir Ebril Cortez (SirEbrl)
Exploring Eurodisney - Travel photo book
By Kareen Cox (kazzacx)
Blackwell: The Bullmastiff - Pets photo book
By Scott A. Spychalski (scottspy)

t o o d l e s ! - Children photo book
By rebecca leonard (3rdeyeimage)
Dogs in Disguise - Pets photo book
By Photos by Ellen J.D.Roberts (ellenjo)
You don't know Jack, but I do! - Entertainment photo book
By Debbie Whittington (2Puttycats)

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