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Kanga & Bluie - Children photo book
By J. Morelock (darkloch)
Beta: Trapped in Technology - Children photo book
By Jacqueline Ortiz (ortizjac)
Electric Love - Comics & Graphic Novels photo book
By Amy Dunne (redpandafan)

The Fine Art - Literature & Fiction photo book
By Ron Naylor NZOSM NZGSM NZDSM PJM... (artlook)
Upon A Ponder - Poetry photo book
By Written By: Kerrial Beckett Newham (KerrialBN)
Young, Gifted and Swift - Science Fiction & Fantasy pocket and trade book
By T. Edward Fox (pseud.) (tedwardfox)

Nos Zebres - Portfolios photo book
By Agnes Granouillac & Serge Deimerly (GranK)

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