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Spirit Dancer - Poetry pocket and trade book
By M.G. Alexander (Mailex500)
Сказки маленького города - Literature & Fiction pocket and trade book
By Анна Дворникова (uxevent)
My Colors Inside - Children photo book
By Alex Mitchell (Buuangel)
Dressing Camille - Biographies & Memoirs pocket and trade book
By Dale McNutt (dalemcnutt)

Nothing but the Water - Travel photo book
By Stefani Hite (stefhite)
Laying Claim to Life - photo book
By as told by g. gay williams (ggwill)
distanced - Poetry pocket and trade book
By dineh (dineh)

Courage - Children photo book
By Edited by Nine Francois (ninefran9)

These Hands May Be Small - Biographies & Memoirs photo book
By Cara Leigh Taylor (alphakappa)
Pink Slip Escapades - Fine Art Photography photo book
By Julie A. Richman (JulieRichman)
Perspectives... - Arts & Photography photo book
By Johnson K Jacob (kulangara)

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