Todd Larsen CEO

Growing up as a teenager in the 80s, Todd Larsen worked summer jobs for the local newspaper chain, while diving deeply into online services and other technologies as an early adopter. He has worked much of his 27-year media career at that intersection of traditional media and digital technology.

Todd spent 13 years at Dow Jones, growing the digital business of the Wall Street Journal from a fledgling paid service to a $300 million high margin engine for the company. He served as the company's president for two years, overseeing a $2 billion P&L, including both consumer and business to business divisions.

At Time Inc., Todd served as an Executive Vice President and President of the News and Sports titles (Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated) before adding responsibility for People and Entertainment Weekly. He focused on jump-starting the digital and video efforts for the company, driving the total audience of Time Inc. from 50 million per month in unique visitors to more than 100 million unique visitors in just two years. He also created the video team, which has become a major revenue growth driver for the company.

Todd joined Blurb in January 2016 and is excited to lead Blurb to its next level of growth and success.

Todd's motto:

"That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger."

Donna Boyer Chief Product Officer and Interim Chief Marketing Officer

Donna Boyer is a self-confessed product geek obsessed with building smart technology that enables new ways of creating and consuming content. Donna started out at the Harvard Business School where she researched the global economic impact of technology innovations. Since then she has focused on how to empower creative people to bring beauty and outstanding user experience into the digital world, working with companies like Starbucks and New York Times to create new digital content experiences.

Before Blurb, Donna was VP of Product at Callaway Digital Arts where she worked with publishers to produce award-winning illustrated books for the iPad. As Chief Product Officer at Blurb, she is leading the charge into the digital and mobile space, helping design-minded customers optimize their storytelling for tablets and smartphones. Hear more from Donna at @donnaboyer on Twitter.

Donna's favorite quote:

"While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done."

—Helen Keller

Donna’s first Blurb book:

Rosenberg Yearbook '06

Gene Domecus Chief Financial Officer

In the fifth grade, Gene created his own filing and cross-reference system for the negatives of the photographs he was organizing into albums, just in case anyone ever asked him for a copy. Nobody ever did, but he was content knowing he was fully prepared. Gene still has them.

He’s been using those sharp organizational skills in e-commerce for 24 years, from joining the founding team of to running the books as CFO at Rafter, a fast-growing college textbook rental business. He also helped create beautiful wedding photography products as CFO and COO of Bella Pictures.

What gets his attention these days? Getting family, friends, and dog together in the wine country, collecting art, enjoying theatre in his native San Francisco, and jazz music.

Gene's favorite quote:

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

—Will Rogers

Gene’s first Blurb Book:

La Famille Domecus, 1799-2012

Bruce Watermann Senior Vice President, Operations

Bruce Watermann has been in the business of making other people’s stuff look good for over 30 years. Just ask Apple, HP, Walmart, Costco, Getty Images, and Columbia Records—he’s helped them all. As a member of Blurb’s first Executive Team Bruce created the Blurb Global Print Partner network at company launch, which for the first time allowed color bookstore-quality books to be created affordably one at a time, worldwide.
Before Blurb, Bruce helped take Bill Gates’ digital artwork vision into the real-world business that became Corbis Corporation by building and managing the vast global film and print scanning operation that created its multi-million image archive. He has been at the intersection of analog and digital print from the industry’s infancy, taking traditional photography and printing skills into the online era.
Bruce can be frequently found wherever ink meets paper, speaking at industry events, and always looking for ways to make our authors’ books look better.

Bruce’s favorite quote:

"If a man only likes victory he must always come late for the battle."

—G.K. Chesterton

Bruce’s first Blurb book:

Mariner Memories
(Seattle Mariners, that is)

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