BookWright starter template tips

Starter template pages are a creative jumping off point for your own great-looking pages. You can continue to customize your book with all of BookWright’s design tools.

Organizing your book pages

Add Pages as needed in expectation of your finished book length. (must be at least 20 pages)

Rearrange, duplicate, and delete template pages as desired.

Intermix template pages with standard layouts as you like.

Adding your content

Replace any of the placeholder text with your own copy. Delete the remaining, unwanted placeholder text; otherwise it will appear in your finished book!

Drop your own imagery in place of the gray placeholders.

Edit the template to adjust the size or dimensions of text, image containers, or add new containers.

Each started book template includes a cover template for your book cover creation.

Review and order your book

Review your book—double check to make sure you have removed all the placeholder text and images.

Order your book by following the simple upload and order steps.

Anatomy of BookWright page panels

The page panel at the left of the BookWright interface contains all of the page spreads which define your final book.

When you open a starter template, these pages are already filled with image and text placeholders specific to the type of book template chosen.

The main toolbar at the top of the BookWright interface contains the standard selection of photo and text layouts.

You can intermix the template pages with the standard layouts by adding new pages and dragging the standard layouts to the page.