Customize Text and Cover

Use any font on your computer

BookSmart doesn’t limit your choice of fonts: if a font is installed on your computer, BookSmart can probably use it. BookSmart supports most written languages to display correctly in your books.

Change font size and color, line spacing, and text alignment

BookSmart’s formatting tools make text styling a snap. Just highlight your text, and use the Font options in the text toolbar to change the font, adjust color or size, make it bold, italicized, or underlined, or align your text left, right, or center.

Choose from three cover options

Design your book for any of Blurb’s cover options: Hardcover, Dust Jacket (with flaps), Hardcover, ImageWrap (images printed directly on the front and back cover, without flaps), or Softcover (without flaps). Use one of the included layouts or create your own.