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Blurb trade books are affordably priced and can be printed in black and white or color. They can also be published digitally in fixed layout or reflowable ebook formats. Perfect for authors of all types, trade books can be distributed and sold globally.

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Four print options, two digital formats, one amazing book—yours

The trade book format is the industry standard for authors of all types. Blurb offers three different trade sizes—5 x 8 in (13 x 20 cm), 6 x 9 in (15 x 23 cm), and 8 x 10 in (21 x 26 cm)—in both Standard and Economy options. Standard is the choice for books with lots of detailed visual elements, while Economy offers a great low-cost option for text-centric books with line art. All of our trade books can be printed in black and white or color.

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Trade books can be made with these tools


Blurb BookWright
Blurb BookWright's easy-to-use features—from alignment guides to flowing text containers—allow anyone to publish a print book and ebook.

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Adobe InDesign Plug-in
Adobe InDesign Plug-in
Already use Adobe® InDesign®? Install the Blurb plug-in and automatically create Blurb-ready blank templates.

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PDF to Book
PDF to Book
Already have a book in PDF format? Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to our Trade book sizes and upload your book.

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A novel idea: Publishing in print and digital

Dragon in the Snow is a novel inspired by the fantastic adventures of the pulp-magazine era. A tongue-in-cheek blend of two-fisted action, wry humor, and old-school science fiction, the book features a ragtag bunch of heroes, exotic locales, and an unforgettable villain.

Created with Blurb's book-making tools, and published in trade softcover and as a reflowable ebook for the iPad and Kindle, Dragon in the Snow is a fine example of how Blurb's self-publishing platform supports authors from ideation to publication.

Dragon in the Snow
by Forrest Dylan Bryant

Thought leadership as a business development tool

The Science of Social 2 explores how the rise of empowered customers in today's digital, social world presents an opportunity and a threat. The author, Dr. Michael Wu Ph.D, is the Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies. Wu postulates that the survival of your business depends on how you navigate this disruption, and that the way people behave socially and commercially is, in fact, highly predictable.

By offering up a compelling, data-rich exploration of how social media can help businesses thrive, Lithium is using The Science of Social 2 not only as a way to establish thought leadership in a competitive space, but also as a cost-effective way to gain brand awareness and develop new business.

The Science of Social2
by Michael Wu, Ph.D.
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Once you've made your book, you can list it for sale on Amazon, Ingram's Global Retail Network, Apple's iBooks® Store and the Kindle® Store. You can also distribute your publications across the web using Blurb's Personal Storefront.
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Large Orders
Looking to bring the cost of your book down? Blurb will always print your book on demand, but the savings are magnified with orders of 300 or more.
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Book and Magazine Pricing
Have some ideas of the book or magazine you'd like to make? Our handy Pricing Calculator lets you calculate exactly how much it will cost.
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