Trade books

Standard bookstore-quality books that are priced for wide distribution.

Options for Great Quality or Great Price

Trade books are the standard books you see on any bookshelf. Blurb offers three different trim sizes, with an economy print option for better price or a standard option for better quality.

All trim sizes can be printed in full color or black and white.

Explore print options below.

Trade books can be made with these tools


Real examples to kickstart your creativity

Self-Publish a Guide Book
Self-Publish a Novel
Make a Cookbook
Tell a Heartwarming Story
Create a Portfolio
Publish to Elevate Your Business
Self-Publish a Novel
  • Sell & Distribute Your Book
    Sell your trade book directly to your customers through Blurb or distribute through Ingram.
  • Large Orders
    Lower the per-unit cost of your book by ordering in bulk, starting at just 10 copies.
  • Pricing
    Get an estimate of how much your project will cost with our pricing calculator.