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Blurb’s affordable standard-sized books are bookstore quality and distribution ready.

Four print options, two digital formats, one amazing book—yours

The trade book format is the industry standard for authors of all types. Blurb offers three different trade sizes—5×8 in (13×20 cm), 6×9 in (15×23 cm), and 8×10 in (21×26 cm)—in both Standard and Economy options. Standard is the choice for books with lots of detailed visual elements, while Economy offers a great low-cost option for text-centric books with line art. All of our trade books can be printed in black and white or color.

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Trade books can be made with these tools


Real examples to kickstart your creativity

Self-Publish a Guide Book
Self-Publish a Novel
Make a Cookbook
Tell a Heartwarming Story
Create a Portfolio
Publish to Elevate Your Business
Self-Publish a Novel
  • Sell & Distribute Your Book
    Once you've made your book, you can list it for sale on Amazon, Ingram's Global Retail Network, Apple's iBooks® Store and the Kindle® Store. You can also distribute your publications across the web using Blurb's Personal Storefront.
  • Large Orders
    Looking to bring the cost of your book down? Blurb will always print your book on demand, but the savings are magnified with orders of 300 or more.
  • Book and Magazine Pricing
    Have some ideas of the book or magazine you'd like to make? Our handy Pricing Calculator lets you calculate exactly how much it will cost.