Chris Elise

Santa Monica, CA, USA

CHRIS ELISE is a published sports photographer with coverage of major events around the world. He has been a print journalist for a decade and a professional photographer for 11 years. He has always been a great baseball fan, and his love for US sports in general led him to become a photographer, travelling to the USA and around the world.

From marathons in Morocco's hottest desert, to baseball fields in the Dominican Republic or Cuba, Chris shots sports in exotic locations as well as more regular, and prestigious, venues.

Chris covered events all around the world: NBA games throughout the USA (NBA playoffs and finals), European and Worldwide baseball championships (including the 2009 World Baseball Classic), MLB games, French professional leagues of baskeball, soccer (1st league and France team’s games), rugby world cup, French Internationals of Roland Garros, National and International meeting of Athletics, Internationals of Gymnastics, etc.

Chris Elise lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Books by Chris Elise