Frank Havig

Eastend Saskatchewan

Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada in a family of 8 kids.
Built from scratch motorcycles of all makes and enjoyed the ride. It was a thrill every time I started an engine and felt its rumble. I have a grade nine education and dyslexia so my education was cut short. I left home at 15 and never looked back.
I was a Heavy Duty Mechanic, Red seal , a Millwright Red seal, a Senior Mechanical Technologist with Shell Oil, a self employed Wooden Boat builder, an Engineering Technologist at the University of Victoria B.C., designing ,building and operating 2 Cryogenic Engineering Labs where we designed and built liquid Methane, Liquid Hydrogen fuel systems for automobiles as well as fuel cells. I retired early at 55 and we traveled the world for 5 years. I Retired in beautiful Eastend Saskatchewan where the Dinosaurs roamed , the air is clean and the sun shines for 25 days a month , life is affordable , the roads are long and open with little traffic..

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