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Anita Vasquez
Blurbarian Since March 2008
Name Anita Vasquez
My Occupation Photographer; Promotions; Bird Monitor
My Bio Anita Vasquez has lived in the Bitterroot Valley fifteen years. Her degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies, environmental activism, contributions to Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's avian studies and thirteen years of hummingbird observations and hummingbird photography contribute to this book. She has observed hummingbirds from lower valley elevations to mountainous terrain.

She did her Coe College independent avian study, censusing avian species where a ramp off I-380 (near Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is now built, thanks to Biology Professor Harlow Hadow.

She has hummingbird photography published in Birder's World and butterfly photography published in the Urban Wildlife Sanctuary Newsletter. She also had Certified Urban Wildlife Sanctuary nature photography published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette when she was interview about such.

She plans to continue her hummingbird documentation.

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Anita Vasquez; Rose E. Vasquez
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
Unique; Western Montana Hummingbirds - study in Bitterroot Valley. Hummingbird history in the Bitterroot Valley included, too. All original photographs - includes interesting hummingbird action shots. An excellent addition to any library.