Hollywood California

From an early age, SPAZ learned to use his natural talents to reproduce the erotic detective magazine covers that aroused him. Years later, while supporting himself as a commercial artist, he eventually made his way to the streets of Van Nuys in Southern California to work as an illustrator for the local spank and bondage magazines. As a young starter, he idolized the works of ALAZAR, Robert Bishop and the classics of John Willie.
During the digital revolution, he mastered complex 3D programs, allowing him to express his vision beyond his imagination. Not only could he create bold, graphic illustrations, he was now empowered to animate and breath life into them.
He created his Action Bondage web site to share his art with a broader audience. Within a short while, fans started asking him for a book. Taking some favorite images from his site, plus some never before seen pieces, SPAZ has compiled his first of what we hope will be many volumes of his unique digital bondage art.