Arvind Garg

New York, NY.

Originally from India, Arvind Garg moved to the United States in 1976. Since 1985 he has lived and worked as a fine art photographer in New York City.

India and America remain of special significance to him, but Arvind sees himself a citizen of the world, so he likes to travel and visit and photograph as many places as his means allow him. For many years in the 1980s and 1990s he worked as a freelance photographer for the Sunday Travel Section of the New York Times which gave him the opportunity to photograph in many countries across the globe.

Arvind's images are in the permanent collections of the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum, Herbert Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Madison Art Center, Wisconsin, the Historical Society of Wisconsin, as well as in several corporate and private art collections.

Arvind is a contributing member of Corbis and Getty Images photo agencies.

Books by Arvind Garg