Allex Ferreira

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Allex Ferreria?s photography career began back in 2008 when he decided to embark on a worldwide trip, leaving all behind, but his camera and backpack. In 15 short months he travelled across continents in an incredibly diverse and varied trip, seeing places as distant as North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. As the trip progressed so did his passion for photography, which was paralleled with the resulting quality of his shots. He initially started out shooting landscapes and countryside, but soon developed and eye and interest for portraits.

A couple of months into the trip, Allex found himself being drawn to portrait photography. The eye contact with the camera, the ability to capture a personality and life story in a single image fascinated him,eventually developing into a passion, one he still plays with today.

Some pivotal points in Allex?s career include shooting the Thai Boxing in Thailand and the Desert and Holi festival in India. Each of these events represented a turning po

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