Amy Bolland


I'm a 19 year old photography degree student from London, UK. Having always had an interest in all things creative, it was inevitable that I would eventually pick up a camera. Due to my constant need to create, lack of patience and need for perfection, I turned to photography. I've always had a longing to be able to paint masterpieces and draw fantastic things but I lack the patience needed to obtain such things. Photography has allowed me to express my ideas and creativity in a much shorter time frame.
At school I took IT and a vocational Art and Design course (computers are another of my main interests along with music), but it was at college where the idea of becoming a photographer first arose. After studying on a BTEC Interactive media course and getting a small taster of learning photography, I decided to take up AS Photography in my second year which I thoroughly enjoyed and excelled at. It was this enjoyment which led me to study a degree in photography.

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