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Ana Iñigo Olea
Blurbarian Since March 2013
Name Ana Iñigo Olea
My Web Site www.Ana-Inigo-Olea.com
Location Woonplaats, provincie, land
Gender Female
My Bio I remember my mom copying drawings from my kids books so I could bring them to school back in Salamanca, Spain, in the late 70's. I remember creating fantasy worlds full of colors and talking animals to share with my blind grandfather, he will pass his hand over the paper as I will describe it for him. I remember him passing away and with him my imagination and our family stability. I kept on drawing trying to escape from the pain his lost brought me. I remember getting in trouble at School, first for drawing on my books during class, then for painting to good for my age and then for not painting how they wanted me to. And so I stopped. And so I kept it for years. Becoming an introverted kid always troubled inside but without the faculty of release I once had through my drawings. Started University, not having enough money for the admision exams, I left the choice of Art School on the side and moved to Linguistics, feeling something was missing I decided to stop and start my bartending