Andrew Williams

Wakefield West Yorkshire UK

I am a self taught artist who has been experimenting with various techniques over the last 25 years, mainly on a trial and error basis, learning and developing as I have gone along, my art evolving and changing. Nowadays I am very happy with doing my abstract technique of pouring, dripping, splattering etc. I find it a very simplistic approach to Art, but I think my experience, control of the paint (sometimes) and eye allow me to create something very unique. Quite often now my artworks are one-offs, something conjured up in my creative psyche with no reference, I go with an idea, I use my intuition often. I also add my personality, everyday incidents, words from song lyrics, world events, my moods and observations and incorporate them into the art. What I mean by evolve is because of the flowing paints unpredictability more often than not my initial idea changes and the work evolves into something different, it's Art improvisation in a way, I love it hope you do too.