Ang Carrion

Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Puerto Rico

I found my love, wonder and spiritual affinity for nature one summer as a child. It was then that my eyes opened, beauty reveled itself and my spirit soared freely with no sense of time.

Mother Nature gave me a sense of peace and a truth that all things are possible. All you had to do was open yourself to it, believe and dream, with a child like simplicity. I began to take photo’s of everything and anything that I found interesting, that moved me or that was significant in my life. It was the best time and most happiest time of my life that remains so till this day.

My Digital Fine Art Photographic Images are an account of life, of memorable and intimate moments; an expression of thoughts and feelings in all its essence captured through photography. It is the Strength and Gentleness of Men; the Elegance and Sensuality of Women; the innocence of a Child; Nature in all her Magnificence and the Passion and Respect that unites it all.

Books by Ang Carrion