Angela Showers

Virginia Beach, Va USA

Many have often wondered who Angela Showers is. Mrs. Showers is a powerful woman of God who has dedicated her life to mentoring women, young adults, and pre-teens as they struggle with tough decisions in today's difficult world. Angela has great passion for progression and forward movement; and strives to empower and push each person she meets towards their destiny. Certainly, her name is fitting, as many consider Angela "an Angel of Hope" and attest to the "Showers" of blessings they experience as a result of her wise counsel in ministry.

Mrs. Showers is a true woman of God on demand for Christ. In the light of God's favor, Mrs. Showers is now living the life she has always dreamed of, serving as a modern Proverbs 31 woman--a supportive wife, nurturing mother, innovative entrepreneur and powerful carrier of the Gospel. Angela answered her calling to ministry in June of 2004 and has since been promoted in the Kingdom since that time.

Books by Angela Showers