Claude Lustier


I was born in Germany in 1955 and I am French speaking. Bananas merchant was my first job with five kg (11 Lb.) of bananas per day as salary. At that time, I felt it was a decent salary… I stumbled across photography while I was voyaging around the world in the field of my job as naval officer. In 1992 some major damages occurred on board off the Persian Gulf. But I am a lucky man and was invalided out of the merchant navy. The same year, a fire destroyed all the images except some of the movies I had produced. Later, I built my own boat. Obviously, to finalize the project I was in need of funds in such a way that I turned into baker, translator, manager, teacher and writer. So, the dream came true and proudly I joined for ten years the little community of solo navigators spread out in the world. But the dream ended dramatically at five hundred nautical miles to the North of Tristan da Cunha... To be continued on

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