Frey Faust


After receiving primary discipline and essential experience under the tutelage of his mother (the late Shekhinah Mountainwater), from ages 8 to 15, Frey Faust went on to accumulate an eclectic skill-set including contact improvisation, pantomime, Capoiera, Aikido, percussion, voice and several modalities of dancing. He traveled across the US, and then to Europe to augment his own artistic study and practice through collaborations with choreographers such as Gina Buntz, Donald Byrd, Merce Cunningham, Nita Little, Ohad Naharin, Meredith Monk, Janet Panetta, David Parsons, Randy Warshaw and Stephen Petronio, to name a few. A two-year stint as artist in residence at the Werkstaat e.V. Duesseldorf (now TANZ HAUS NRW) allowed him to set the foundation for his pedagogical and artistic vision. Since then he has traveled the world, teaching and collaborating with like-minded artists.