David Buenrostro


I Just Love To Live Life :)
David Buenrostro is a young adult looking to help the people of Marche-Canard, Haiti as much as possible! He has spoken at many churches & most recently at a children's camp in Van Buren, MO about the importance of trusting God, being positive, & helping others! He has also done many once in a lifetime opportunities such as publish a book, hold a fundraiser for something he believes in, pay for a homeless man's lunch & dessert, pay for a strangers entire meal, send a message in a bottle out to sea, paint his chest for a sports event in the cold, get on ESPN, & catch a pass from NFL QB Christian Ponder. All of this & he's only 19 years old! He's been all over the world with his dad part of the ARMY, but he currently lives in Dinwiddie County, VA.

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