Benjamin Britworth


Benjamin Britworth is a writer and curiosity creator who's work has been shown in London and Edinburgh, and been commissioned for the JISC. His poetry has won awards, several of his short stories have been published in anthologies, and his short films have been shown at UK festivals.
In 2016 he completed his education to date at The University of Amsterdam, where he obtained an MA in Comparative Cultural Analysis, specialising in narratology and the structures of character existence through Possible World Theory. He retains a keen interest for all things academic and continues to study various areas including; Literature, Art History, Philosophy, and Drama.
Benjamin has performed on various London stages, including Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre & The New Wimbledon Theatre, and also appeared in a variety of short films, TV shows and commercials. His interest in directing began whilst on stage and through a passion for photography, while his interest in writing origi