Catherine Benson and Sarah Weal

Lewes, East Sussex

Our approach is different.

The first thing you’ll notice is you get two photographers. We work together on every shoot to create fresh, honest and real imagery for the commercial market. And we both have a career pedigree to make it work for you.

With over a decade each of editorial photography experience, we now deliver a style of relaxed and authentic imagery to the commercial world.

Catherine Benson knows first hand what national and international picture desks want. She worked for six years at The Guardian commissioning and choosing photos. Then at Reuters creating photo stories for newspapers and magazines around the world.

Sarah Weal has ten years experience as an editorial photographer, whose clients include Vogue, Harpers & Queen, Rolling Stone, Evening Standard, The Independent on Sunday Review, The Telegraph on Saturday Magazine, You Magazine, Observer Life, W Magazine, Surface, Le Monde and Management Today.

Areas of Expertise

It may seem odd to have two photographers.

But we have found from experience that two work better than one: two angles, two lenses and two approaches creates a wider selection of images in quick time.

We're both from an editorial background, so we both create fresh, honest and real imagery.

It also speeds up the time a portrait shoot takes: we can work out all the positioning and lighting in advance, meaning the person being photographed won't have to do any hanging around.

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